Troubleshoot The Audio Services Not Responding Error !

So you’ve been utilizing Windows 10 for quite some time now but one day all of a sudden out of nowhere the audio services not responding issue appears, and audio is no longer functioning on the computer. Do not be anxious it’s completely fixable but let’s first comprehend why you’re getting this error. This issue happens because your audio driver is out-of-date and could not work correctly or throughout Windows 10 update your audio driver gets damaged, anyhow, without wasting more time let’s see how you can resolve this error in Windows 10.

Methods To Resolve The Audio Services Not Responding Issue :

Here are a few methods that can help you resolve this issue. You might not need to try all of them; simply work the way down this given list until you locate the best one.

Method#1: Restart The Audio Services

Before we resort some extensive and complex fixes, we’ll attempt to restart the audio service. Alongside the sound drivers and hardware, there’s the audio service there which is accountable for managing your audio on the pc. A simple reboot may restart its configurations and fix the audio services not responding problem at hand.

  • Hit Win + R keys > enter services.msc > hit Enter.


  • Once in services, go through all the entries until you locate the Windows Audio > right-click on it > choose Restart.

Audio Services Not Responding

  • Right-click on the entry once more > choose Properties > set the startup type as Automatic > hit Apply for saving the changes > exit.


  • Return to the services and search for the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder option > right-click on it > choose Restart. If it is not booted yet, click Start.

windows audio

  • After booting the process, open the properties > choose the startup type as Automatic > hit Apply for saving changes > exit.


  • Reboot the pc and see if the issue still persists.

Method#2: Start Windows Audio components

  • Hit Win + R buttons > enter services.msc


  • Find Windows Audio service > double-click on it for opening its properties.
  • Choose Dependencies > expand the parts listed in This service relies on the following system components.


  • Make certain all the parts listed above are Running in the services.msc


  • Lastly, reboot the Audio services > restart to apply all the changes. Check if you are capable of resolving this error; if not, then go on with the next solution.

Method#3: Install The Default Sound Drivers

As the OS keeps upgrading eventually, your sound drivers are also incorporated in the majority of the package, and these also get updated every so often. The pc has essential default driver previously saved so whenever you delete the current drivers, the pc identifies the hardware connected and installs your driver accordingly. We can attempt to install your default drivers on the pc for resolving the audio services not responding error.

  • Hit Win + S button for launching the search menu of the start bar. > enter system > choose the first item which comes up as a result.
  • Next, click Advanced system settings option from the left side of your screen.

advance system

  • Go to Hardware > click Device Installation Settings.


  • Choose No (the device may not work as expected) option> hit Save changes > exit. It’ll disable your Windows update from automatically updating the audio drivers.

Note: If this method does not work, then make certain to change the option to Yes.

  • Now, hit Win + X keys for opening the start menu > choose Device Manager.
  • Then, expand video, Sound, and game controllers > right-click the sound device > choose Uninstall device.
  • Tick the uninstall driver checkbox for uninstalling your driver as well > go on with the uninstallation.
  • Once your device is uninstalled, right-click any empty space on your Device manager > choose Scan for hardware changes. The pc will now identify your audio hardware on the pc and install your default drivers automatically present on the pc.
  • See if it has done anything helpful. Also, restart the machine after the default drivers’ installation.

Method#4: Do A Clean Install / Restore From The Previous Restore Point

If all the fixes mentioned above do not help, we are left with no option but to restore the Win to the previous restore point. If you do not have any restore point, you can go on with installing the clean version of Windows. You can utilize the Belarc utility for getting all the licenses saved, backup the data utilizing external storage, and then do a clean install. Here’s the technique on how you can restore the Win from the previous restore point.

  • Hit Win + S keys for opening the search bar of start menu > enter restore > choose the first program which appears in the results.
  • Then, hit System Restore present at the start of your window under the System Protection tab.

system restore

  • A wizard will open as a result taking you through all the steps for restoring the pc> hit Next and go on with all the more instructions.


  • Now choose the restore point from the options’ list accessible. If you‘ve more than one restore points, they’ll be listed there.


  • Windows will verify the actions for the last time before it begins your system restore procedure. Save all the work and backup vital files just in case and go on with the procedure.
  • Once you’ve successfully restored, sign into your system and see if the audio services not responding problem at hand got resolved.

If you do not have a restore point, you can carry out a clean install of your Windows utilizing the bootable media.

Method#5: Install The Realtek Or HD Audio Device

A lot of users stated that installing HD Audio Device driver in place of IDT HD Audio CODEC etc. resolved the issue for them. You can try this final fix before resort to the system restores or carrying out a clean installation.

  • Hit Win + X keys for opening the quick start menu > choose Device Manager.
  • Now, expand video, Sound & game controllers.
  • Then, right-click the sound device > choose Update Driver. Now an option will appear whether to install your drivers manually or automatically. Choose Browse this PC for driver programs.

update driver

  • Next, choose Let me pick from a list of accessible drivers on this pc.
  • Uncheck show compatible hardware option for ensuring that all the results are listed in the drivers’ list. Go through all your drivers until you locate the HD Audio Device > choose it > hit Next.
  • Now, pursue the on-screen instructions for completing the installation. Reboot the pc and see if the issue is fixed.

Note: If it does not help, try to download your drivers from the manufacturer’s official site and install them. In the majority of cases, it also fixed the issue.

Audio is the backbone of each visual, and without it, none of your visual is complete. Thus, resolving the audio services not responding error has to be directed in an assembled way, which we’ve tried to give you. Now utilize such methods correctly, and enjoy the experience by fixing the issues related to your audio services.

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