Fix Clownfish Not Working On Windows 10

A lot of people report that my clownfish voice changer isn’t working so you do not have to worry about it.Some people face this error on windows 10 skype or discord but it is easy to solve this problem.

The clownfish is a language translator for a lot of communication apps like Discord and Skype. There’re a lot of features, like the real-time translation in dozens of diverse lingos and support for the voice changes. The clownfish is one of the most significant voice exchange apps available on the net. Despite its recognition, it makes mistakes at times. The clownfish voice changer not working error will happen if Clownfish isn’t compatible with Skype.

In other cases, it’ll not work completely on the pc. For instance, there’re a variety of causes for this technical issue. For example, the Skype version is incompatible, or the mics aren’t synchronized. We have mentioned a few methods to solve Clownfish Not Working. So, begin with the first method and work your way down to find the best solution.

Methods To Fix.

Here are a few methods that can help you resolve the clownfish not working windows 10 or :

Method#1: Checking The Skype Version

Microsoft responded to the issue under conversation saying that PCs without the SSE2 (Streaming SIMD Extensions 2) instruction set will not be compatible with the latest Skype version. If Skype isn’t completely compatible with the machine, numerous diverse features will not get activated.

SSE2 belongs to the Intel Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) instruction sets with early versions opening from Pentium 4. These days, SSE2 is compatible nearly everywhere in the PC market. If you own an older CPU, you ought to check the Skype version installed on the system. MS officially said that Clownfish isn’t supported properly in the new Skype app.

  • Open the Skype app installed on the PC. Once the app is opened, click the profile image present from the top-left side.

  • A new window will open. Now choose ‘About this version.’

about this version

  • Here, all the details about the versions will be given. If you have an older pc, it’s suggested that you downgrade the version. Hopefully, after downgrading your version, you’ll be capable of utilizing the Clownfish without any problems.

Method#2: Set The Mic

The clownfish utilizes a mic for identifying the voice; you can simply change it, and then get user info for pushing it as expected. It factions fine if the mic isn’t installed properly or the incorrect driver is installed. The microphone is installed once the clownfish application is launched.

Note: You also have to check if the mic is functioning. Before making such a choice, make certain to utilize a Skype Echo test or a recording test. Such solutions will not work if the mic isn’t properly functioning or isn’t damaged.

  • Launch the Clownfish application on the pc utilizing your taskbar. Also, right click on its icon > choose Settings.
  • Next, you can see all the accessible units for changing the list. Select to function properly > click Install. After connecting your mic, restart the pc to check if the current problem has been fixed.

Note: If you’ve already installed your device on the Clownfish in place of the Install button, the Remove option will be accessible. Remove your device and install it again.

Method#3: Updating

The clownfish have had a difficult time keeping pace with all the apps on which it offers its services (Skype, and Discord, etc.). It’s to keep rolling out recurrent updates for targeting incompatibilities or bugs. It’s possible that you’re utilizing the newest version of the communication app (Discord or Skype, etc.), but, you have a previous version of the Clownfish. In such a case, you’ll not be capable of operating it under the best conditions. You ought to go over to the official Clownfish site, download the newest version accessible and install it. Once it is installing, restart the pc and see if the clownfish not working issue at hand got fixed.

Note: You can also attempt to boot the pc in the Safe Mode for diagnosing if there’s any external app conflicting with your Clownfish app. If the Clownfish functions as anticipated in the Safe mode, it denotes that there’s a 3rd-party app causing the issue. You can then begin filtering out the app by simply enabling them one at a time and checking in every iteration. Once the app has been determined, uninstall it and restart the pc.

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