How to Disable Touchpad Windows 10 !

Trackpad or touchpad has been there for over two decades now, but the fact is most of our laptops that ship with Windows does not provide great touchpad experience. Just a handful of Windows laptops ship with the best-quality touchpad. Follow one of the provided ways for completely disabling the touchpad on your laptop running Windows.

Why Disable Touchpad On Windows 10 ?

There’re a variety of causes for disabling the laptop’s touchpad. A few users prefer utilizing a mouse because it is generally easier for them, while some may desire to disable it temporarily for avoiding accidentally moving the mouse pointer or tapping something while working, like when typing through the keyboard. A trackpad’s usual proximity to your keyboard does make it more vulnerable to such types of accidents. A few individuals even have touchscreen-enabled computers and just prefer to swipe the screens to move around.

How Can You Disable Touchpad Windows 10 ?

Before following these methods, check if there is any physical button on the laptop, you can hit for disabling/enabling the trackpad’s functionality. The key might have an icon like a touchpad. If the device does not have any button, then follow these instructions to disable touchpad windows 10.

Method#1: Disabling Your Trackpad In Settings

Windows 10 launched with it the capability to disable the touchpad of your laptop directly from the OS’s Settings utility. If you’d want to disable the trackpad from Settings, all you have to carry out is:

  • Open your Start Menu.
  • Then click Settings.

disable touchpad windows 10

  • Click Devices.


  • From the left-hand side pane of your window, choose Touchpad.


  • From the right-hand side pane of your window, find a toggle under Touchpad > turn the toggle Off.

toggle off

  • Now, close the window.

Method#2: Disable Trackpad Utilizing The Native Device Manager

  • First of all, open the Device Manager. For doing so, hit Win and R at the same time for invoking the Run dialog box > enter Devmgmt.msc > hit Enter key.


  • Once the Device Manager is open, expand Test (if it is not already) > expand Mice and other pointing devices to check mouse entries that are HID-compliant.

HID compliant

  • Then, right-click the first mouse entry that is HID-compliant > click Disable > Yes when you see Disabling the device will reason it to stop working. Do you really desire to stop it?” warning message for disabling the trackpad.


In the majority of cases, disabling the first one ought to disable the built-in trackpad. But if the trackpad is functioning even after disabling it, disable the other entries one after another. For enabling the trackpad again, you have to right-click the disabled entry and then choose enable option.

Method#3: Utilizing The Trackpad Blocker For Disabling The Trackpad

If absolutely none of the ways described earlier have helped for you, do not worry – you can still utilize a 3rd-party app for disabling the trackpad. One such app that you can use is called Touchpad Blocker. This app is a lightweight and free piece of program that you can easily configure for running at startup and permits you to turn the trackpad off by simply hitting a specified key combo from the keyboard (with the only catch being the fact that the software has to be running in the foreground or in the background, does not really matter which, for it to be capable of carrying out so).

When you turn the trackpad off utilizing the Touchpad Blocker, the trackpad remains disabled until you either switch it on by hitting the specified key combo again or reboot the system. If you’d want to acquire and utilize the Touchpad Blocker, you have to:

  • First, download the installer for the Touchpad Blocker application.


  • Then, go to where you the downloaded installer for this software have saved, find it and then simply run it.
  • Next, go through the installer of the program and simply install the Touchpad Blocker on your system.
  • Now, set the Touchpad Blocker up and simply configure all of the preferences for the software.


The Touchpad Blocker application is a completely non-intrusive and lightweight app, and it runs in the background. You can easily access the app from the Notification Area.

Having both mouse and trackpad enabled simultaneously on your laptop can be problematic, but you can simply disable the trackpad when you connect the mouse just by utilizing one of the methods mentioned above.

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