Discord Mic Not Working : Quick Fix

The Discord Mic Not Working is a common occurring mic issue (just like the Discord does not Open). The discord microphone does not work issue has been encountered by several users. The discord microphone does not work issue makes the user hear what other individuals are talking to you, but discord work isn’t detecting microphone and will make the voice inaccessible to individuals on the other side. Discord is an extremely well-liked voice chatting application, particularly for gamers. On the platform of Discord, people can join existing or make new channels related to particular work topics and then talk to the other members on the work topics using the mic. You might encounter particular issues when you are gaming with Discord, and the mic stops working. But do not worry at all as you fix this microphone does not work issue very easily.Do Failed To Initialize Steam Pubg Error Fix it Now

Ways To Fix The Discord Mic Not Working Problem :

Before going on to pursue the methods that work to solve the Discord Mic Not Working issue, you ought to ensure that the mic is working correctly. If there’re a few hardware problems with your mic, then the following solutions will not work for you. If you have a secondary earphone microphone, connect the mic to the computer and see if discord does not work and is not picking up the mic. Also, connect the same microphone to another system and check if the issue is with the Microphone port on the motherboard. If it is not picking the microphone, then you ought to pursue these ways otherwise change your headphone mic, and you are all set to work.Fix DNS Server Not Responding

Solution#1: Fix Your Discard Issue By Updating The Audio Driver

First of all, you will sort out your audio settings on the Windows 10 system to fix this issue. If your audio driver is out-of-date, your Discord won’t be capable of processing sounds from the mic and will cause the Discord Mic Not Working issue. Update the audio driver and see if the mic does work and picks up sound properly or not. You can utilize driver updater tools for your Windows or manually update your audio driver to fix this discord does not work issue:

  • First of all, navigate to the Start menu and look for the device manager.

discord mic not working

  • Then, open your Device Manager application and expand the video, Sound, and game controllers category.
  • Right-click on your active audio driver.
  • Now, click on the Update driver option from the context menu.
  • Click Yes when you see the UAC prompt.
  • Select the automatically search for the updated driver software option.
  • Then, pursue the onscreen instructions for installing all the updates.
  • Restart the system and check if the Discord Mic Not Working problem is gone.

Solution#2: Fix The Discard Microphone Issue By Modifying Your Voice Settings Under Discord

Follow these steps to fix the Discord Microphone Not Working problem:

  • First, click Settings on the Discord homepage.

discord settings

  • Click the video and voice > reset your Voice settings > Click OK.

Reset Discord Voice

  • Try to reconnect the mic and send the audio message using Discord to check if the Discord Microphone is working now.

Solution#3: Fix The Discard Microphone Issue By Quitting The Discord And Rerunning It As Admin

You can almost certainly fix the issue Discord by a simple restart. Here’s how you can fix it:

  • Locate and right-click the Discord icon from the Windows taskbar. At times it is hidden, simply click the Show hidden icons > click Quit Discord.

quit discord

  • From the desktop, right-click the Discord icon > choose Run as admin.

discord run as administrator

  • Then, click Yes when asked by the UAC.
  • Try to send the audio message using Discord to check if the mic works now.

Solution#4: Fix The Discard Microphone Issue By Tweaking Your Automatic Input Sensitivity Settings

Another frequent situation that’ll stop the microphone from functioning correctly is when the user disables the option for Automatic Input Sensitivity in the settings of Discord. If you tweaked the voice settings before, odds are you unchecked the box next to automatically decide input sensitivity.

When the user disables this option, the sensitivity manual bar tends to send your slider all the way to your left. It’ll reason the Discord application to stop picking sounds from the mic. However, such automated input sensitivity is recognized to be buggy, so you are on automatic, and your indicator bar isn’t lighting up when you try to communicate, it is worth a try for going manual. Here is a quick guide to fix discord does not work it:

  • First, click your User Settings in the bottom corner of the Discord windows.

  • Click the Voice and Video (under application Settings).

  • Now, scroll down to Input Sensitivity and enable the option next to determine input sensitivity automatically, if it is not enabled already. Now, speak into the headphones and check if the bar below illuminates in solid green. If it is glowing green when you speak, then go on to the next step

  • Disable that toggle, and make sure that the manual slider is located somewhere in the center. If the manual bar is pulsating when you speak, you ought to be good to go and the Discord Mic Not Working issue must be gone.

Solution#5: The Discord Microphone Issue Could Be External

If you still discover that voice isn’t being picked up by the Discord app, then there would be something wrong with the mic or headphones itself. Here is a complete checklist for you to go through to check the mic or headset and fix the discord does not work issue:

  • Make sure the 3.5mm headphone jack or USB is firmly connected to the system. Try to unplug and plug it back in. You can also try to plug it in utilizing different ports.
  • Make sure that you have the updated drivers and program downloaded for the device that you are utilizing as a mic. A great method to search for such software or drivers is to Google drivers or software for <the headset brand name you are using>.
  • Make sure to check that the mic hardware doesn’t mute when connected with the device. A few headsets have a mute button on their side which can discontinue picking up the voice input.
  • Make sure to try any other headsets that you might have lying around to check if the issue does not lie with the Discord. If you don’t have any headsets lying around, try to ask your family or your friends to borrow theirs.

Solution#6: Fix The Discard Microphone Issue By Switching Off The Exclusive Mode On Your Windows Recording Devices

Windows can permit a few apps to take full control of your audio drivers. Such Exclusive Mode might have reasoned Discord to not pick up mic sounds. To turn the Exclusive Mode off on Windows 10, follow these steps to fix the discord does not work issue:

  • First, navigate to your desktop notifications area.

  • Then, right-click on the icon for volume.
  • From the menu, click Recording devices.
  • Choose the headset mic, right-click on it > click Properties.

  • Now, navigate to the Advanced tab in the mic Properties window.
  • Here, under the section for the Exclusive Mode, uncheck the box for, Allow apps to take exclusive control of the device
  • Click OK > Apply to save all the changes.
  • Restart the computer to see if the Discord Mic Not Working issue is gone.

By disabling this Mode, other applications won’t be capable of using the PC’s audio endpoint devices like the mic in entirety.

Solution#7: Fix The Discard Issue By Trying To Push To Talk

For a few of the users, who have discovered that a workaround to get the mic to work is to change their Input mode from Voice Activity to Push-to-Talk in the settings of Discord. The only hitch to this technique is that it needs you to press a button continually when you desire to talk to somebody. Here is how you can turn it on to fix the discord does not work issue:

  • Go to the User Settings > from the left sidebar, select Voice and Video under application Settings.
  • Scroll a bit down and under the Input Mode, you ought to see two options of Voice Activity (which may already be set) and Push to Talk.
  • Now check the box adjacent to Push to Talk. You will have to record a keybind meaning you will have to assign a key on the keyboard to function as an activator each time you desire the mic to pick up the voice. So Record Keybind to allocate a key > click Stop Recording once you have dispensed a key to having it go into operation. Done! You can now try to press the key that you have chosen to talk (utilize the mic) the next time you are communicating with somebody using Discord.

If all of the fixes above have proven unhelpful, then try to reinstall the Discord application and check if the Discord Mic Not Working issue is still there. If not, you can also go for the official support to fix the issue. The team behind Discord development has established that they are pushing for a lasting hotfix work to this issue.

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