Fix Discord No Route Windows 10, 7, 8 Problem In SECONDS !

Many users of Discord are stopped from joining the voice channels by the discord no route issue. This problem falls into the same group as the Stuck RTC Connecting and ICE Checking issues. In all cases, Discord is being prevented in its tracks when attempting to connect to the voice server.

Why Does The Discord No Route Error Occur ?

Discord no route happens when trying to connect to the voice channel on a Discord server, yet the internet service provider/Network on the user-end is not capable of connecting. In simple words, Discord is stopped from connecting to the voice server usually by a problem linked to the VPNs, dropouts, and firewall restrictions.


If you are searching for a solution to fix discord no route error, this post will give you a few of troubleshooting methods. Below you’ve numerous solutions that others in a similar state have followed successfully to get discord no route problem fixed. For ensuring the best results, begin with the first solution and work the way downwards until you come across a solution that helps fix the problem for the particular situation.Solve if windows 10 taskbar not hiding

Solution#1: Restarting Everything

The Goto solution for upset technicians from IT experts for large business structures to consumer support lines at computer manufacturers like HP and Dell, the primary step is to restart not just the PC but also the router and modem to solve discord no route error. The idea is to calm a jumpy dynamic IP (internet protocol) and efficiently flush the entire network of any temporary connection problems. Once everything reboots, open up the Discord and try to connect to the voice channel for verifying whether it fixes the problem.Learn What is Vulkan Runtime Libraries

Solution#2: Uninstalling 3rd-Party Firewall Or White-List Discord

Another probable reason Discord No Route is an overprotective Firewall or AV that is stopping Discord from sustaining the outgoing Connections. Deciding whether the security solution is reasoning the issue is difficult because stopping the real-time protection won’t be decisive since the similar rules will stay firmly in position. The only method to decide whether this situation applies is to completely uninstall the antivirus solution and check if the Discord managed to connect to the new server. Here is a simple guide on how you can do so:

  • Hit Win + R button for opening up the Run dialog box > enter appwiz.cpl > hit Enter for opening up the Programs & Features.

  • Inside the new window, scroll down to find the 3rd-party security solution > right-click it > select Uninstall.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions for uninstalling the 3rd-party firewall or AV from the computer.

  • Restart the PC and check if Discord is now capable of connecting without problems.

Solution#3: VPN

VPNs (virtual private networks) are recognized to append an obstruction to the Discord voice channel connections, particularly the ones that do not have a UDP (User Datagram Protocol). The simplest solution is to disable the virtual private network completely, but if you badly have to run one, consult the developer whether it’s a UDP (user datagram protocol) function and how you can configure it properly.

Solution#4: Verifying Whether The Discord Is Blocked By The Network Administrator

If you are just facing the discord no route problem when attempting to utilize the Discord from a school or work network, it is very likely that communication applications have been blocked by the admin of the network. Although it can get you in difficulty, there’s one tweak that you can make for allowing the Discord to hear from the outside servers and avoid the no route issue. Here is what you have to carry out:

  • Inside the new window, navigate to Network & Internet > go to Network & Sharing Center > click the Connections hyperlink connected with the Private network connection > click Properties.

  • In the next window, navigate to Networking > choose TCP/IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) > hit Properties again.

  • Next, go down to the DNS (Domain Name System) server settings and change it to utilize the following DNS (Domain Name System) server addresses. Now, set the value of Alternate DNS (Domain Name System) server to 8 8 4 4 and the value of Preferred DNS (Domain Name System) server to 8 8 8 8 > click OK for saving the changes.

  • Close the opened windows and restart the system. At the next startup, the Discord application ought to connect to the new voice server without any issue. If the same issue persists, move down to the next solution.

Solution#5: Flush You DNS Setting:

Many people have reported that the problem was resolved after they utilized a series of commands in the CMD for resetting the IP configurations. A few people report that the following process permanently resolved the problem while others report that they need to repeat the following steps regularly for circumventing the issue. Here is a simple guide to reset the IP configuration:

  • Hot Win + R buttons for opening up the Run dialog box > enter command prompt > hit Ctrl + Enter + Shift for opening up the Elevated Command Prompt.

  • Now here, enter ‘ipconfig /release’ command (without quotation) > hit Enter.

  • Once the current IP (internet protocol) configuration has been released, enter ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ command (without quotation) > hit Enter for flushing your DNS.

  • Finally, enter ‘ipconfig /renew’ command (without quotation) for renewing your IP configuration:

  • Restart the machine and check if the issue has been fixed.

Solution#6: Disabling QoS From Video And Voice Settings

There’re numerous reported cases of this problem that have been fixed by simply disabling the QoS from the User settings. This problem is recognized to occur on the system cannot keep up with the High Packet Priority QoS. Fortunately, this problem can simply be fixed by disabling Quality of Service (QoS) from the User Settings. Here is how:

  • Open the Discord > click the gear icon near the account.

  • Then, scroll down to Application Settings < click Voice and Video.

  • Scroll down to QoS and make certain that the toggle linked with the Enable QoS High Packet Priority is already disabled.

  • Close the Discord > open again and check if the issue is still happening. If you are still encountering the same issue, move down to the next solution.

Solution#7: The Voice Region

The Discord servers are connected to a particular region of server, which can reason problems for people whose physical location is, let’s say somewhere central around the globe. For fixing it, speak to the server administrator and request for the alternative voice regions for your server to check if it remedies the discord no route problem.

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