Resolve Discord Overlay Not Working Issue (Quickly)

Discord is an application that offers astonishing communication services and features. One of such features is the feature of Discord overlay that allows users to communicate with their friends while playing a game in full-screen. But a few users are experiencing the Discord overlay not working problem while playing games. For a few, this issue is just for a particular game while others are facing this discord overlay issue for each game. This issue is reasoning lots of trouble because it is stopping users from communicating and talking correctly with their friends while playing a game.Solve if facing Dns_probe_finished_bad_config issue

What Causes The Discord Overlay Not Working Issue ?

There are many things that can be the reason of this issue.

  • Scaled Display:

If you have a scaled display of Windows, then that may be covering your Discord overlay.

  • Antivirus:

Antivirus software is also recognized to reason some problems with your Discord overlay. Antivirus may flag your Discord or its overlay feature as doubtful, and they may be blocking it.

  • Hardware Acceleration:

It is the utilization of system hardware to do a few functions more proficiently than is possible in programs running on a general-purpose CPU. This feature, if enabled, can reason a few issues with your Discord overlay as well.Fix HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working Problem

Fixes You Should Try:

You do not need to try all the following methods; simply work the way down this list until you come across the one solution that works best for you.

Solution#1: Restart The System

It is an obvious solution, but you would be astonished how many times this straightforward action has resolved a lot of minor gaming problems. If, say, you are experiencing an issue with the discord overlay while playing Minecraft or Fortnite, try shutting down everything and beginning again. Keep the fingers crossed, and all may be in working order when you turn your Mac or computer back on.

Solution#2: Check If The In-Game Option In Discord Is Enabled

Before trying other solutions, open the Discord app for checking if the in-game overly is enabled. Here is how you can do so:

  • First of all, click on the gear icon for opening the User Settings.

discord overlay

  • Then, click Overlay from the left panel. Make sure the toggle beside Enable in-game overlay is enabled.

  • Click Games from the left panel. Make sure to turn the in-game overlay on for the game you are playing. If it is switched off, in the list of appended games, then simply click the monitor button beside the game to switch it on.

games discord

If the game isn’t in the list, run the game and then click on add it option to append the game to the Discord application. Run the game to check if the Discord overlay is working. If not, then move onto the next solution.

Solution#3: Run Discord As Admin

Another method that can solve numerous gaming problems is to make sure you’re running the Discord Overlay and playing the selected game as admin. Frequently, it is a simple case of right-clicking on the app you desire and choosing the run/launch as admin option from the menu.

Solution#4: Disable The Hardware Acceleration

It is one of the features available in Discord that utilizes the GPU for making the Discord smoother. However, a lot of users have reported that at times, this feature might reason the Discord overlay not working problem.

If you switched on the hardware acceleration feature and this problem takes place, then try to disable the hardware acceleration in Discord. Follow these steps for checking whether the hardware acceleration feature is turned on or not:

  • Open the Discord app > click on the gear icon for opening the User Settings.

discord click

  • Click on Appearance from the left panel > switch off the toggle beside Hardware Acceleration if it is on.

Turn off discord

Now, run the game you were playing again to check if this problem persists. If not, then you have successfully solved this issue!

Solution#5: Append Discord To The White-List Of The 3rd-Party Antivirus App

If you are utilizing the 3rd-party antivirus program on the computer, you might experience this Discord overlay problem. The 3rd-party antivirus program might interfere with your Discord so the Discord overlay might not function as it should be. You can try appending the Discord to the white-list of the 3rd-party antivirus program.

Solution#6: Make Certain No Background Applications Are Interfering

Certain game features can also end functioning owing to interference from the background applications. While playing video games, make sure everything is closed aside from the Discord and the selected game. For instance, individuals have had problems with Discord Overlay competing with the apps such as Guildwork and Steam Overlay. For best Gameplay, stop running anything you do not require on the computer while playing games.

Solution#7: Reinstall The Discord

If you have tried all of the solutions mentioned above but the problem still exists, then you should try to install the Discord again. Here’s how you can do so:

  • First of all, uninstall the previous version of Discord from the system and to do so press Windows logo + R key simultaneously from the keyboard for opening the Run box. > enter control > press Enter button for opening the system Control Panel. Then, simply View your system Control Panel by Category > click on uninstall button a program > double-click on the Discord app for uninstalling it > restart the computer.
  • Now download the Discord app > install it on the computer.
  • Open the Discord app > Run the game and append it to the Discord.
  • Now, for the game, enable the in-game overlay feature. If you do not know how you can do so, then refer to the solution#2.

Check if the problem reappears. If not, then you have successfully resolved this problem!


We hope that the solutions mentioned above helped you in resolving the Discord overlay not working issue. Nothing is more maddening than trying to speak to your friends when you are playing a game together. Discord aspires to offer a smooth service, and that is what every user deserves.

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