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What Causes The Discord Screen Share No Audio Error?

Discord is a powerful program allowing users to share video, audio, and text with friends in different games. While unluckily, some users, particularly gamers, continually complained about the discord screen share no audio error on the Windows system. Commonly, discord has zero audio throughout the screen sharing. Therefore, there’s much requirement for you to acquaint what reasons the discord screen share audio, not working, and how you can fix it for the games.

What Causes The Discord Screen Share No Audio Error ?

We glanced at numerous cases, and after troubleshooting and closely glancing at conditions, we came up with the result that this problem was reasoned because of the numerous diverse causes. All of these may not be applicable in the case because every PC configuration is diverse:

  • Audio Feature In The First Phase: Your audio with the screen share system is in its early phases and not steady enough (it was launched in the beta version first). There’re still a few problems going on which we’ll target in the next part.
  • Bad Audio Drivers: Just like the other sound apps, Discord also utilizes audio drivers installed against the hardware. If your audio drivers are not working or corrupt correctly, you’ll experience problems.
  • Admin Access: Since now, Discord can share the complete screen to other PCs remotely, it may need admin access on the PCs. Granting the elevated access frequently resolves the problem.
  • Application Problems: A few specific apps do not tend to work correctly with Discord. In such a case, there is not anything you can do except search for the alternatives.

Before we begin with the solutions, make certain that you’ve the credentials needed for sign in. You may be asked to sign in to the tool from scratch if we reset the tool. Admin access is a must. Also, check if your sound option is enabled in the app window. Furthermore, before getting the hands dirty in more technical solutions, reboot the system and check if the issue is there.

Try The Following Solutions:

You might not need to try them all. Simply work the way down this given list until you come across the one that really works.

Fix#1: Reboot The PC

At the very start, the time you have seen that the discord share screen audio, not working problem occurs to the computer, you might have to restart your computer to check if your discord now has sound after the Windows 7, 8, or 10. At times, a restart might be powerful enough to get your discord working.

Fix#2: Add The Activity

Usually, Discord itself can detect which activity you’re carrying out, then, it working according to the activity. At times, it can get perplexed if you’re sharing between activities and games. So for fixing this problem, developers have introduced the feature. You can choose the particular game or app on which they desire to focus. Here’re the steps which are given below:

  • Open the Discord app > click Settings.
  • Click Games from your left navigation bar


  • Go to the Game Activity > click on Add it.
  • Click on t drop-down menu > select the app you desire to share.
  • Click Add Game.
  • Make certain for turning on the toggle in front of the Overlay.

If you still encounter this discord issue, then try the next fix.

Fix#3: Granting The Elevated Access

Before your screen share with the audio feature was released, Discord worked correctly without any problems at all. However, since the feature denotes that more resources will be utilized for the PC, which also has the concern for privacy, there’re a few cases where the tool will not be capable of working in the normal mode. In this fix, we’ll go to Discord’s executable and grant the admin rights.

  • Hit Win + E keys for launching your File Explorer > go to the directory where you have installed Discord on the PC. The default installation location is inside the program files of Local Disk C.
  • Once you’re in that directory, simply right-click on the executable of the app > choose Properties.
  • Once in the Properties, click Compatibility > check the option which states something like Run this app as an admin.


  • Hit Apply for saving changes > exit. Now, try to rerun Discord> see if the problem is fixed.

Fix#4: Uninstalling The Problematic Programs

It’s said that the installed apps will stop your discord from working. Therefore, if you located that your discord screen share audio not working happened right after you download the 3rd-party tool, you’re supposed to uninstall or disable the program.

  • Navigate to Control Panel.
  • Find out Programs then uninstall the program. Here you can View by Category.
  • In Programs & Features, find the problematic app > right-click on it for Uninstalling.
  • Reboot the computer for taking effect.

Without the interruption of the 3rd-party tools, you can see your discord screen shares audio easily.

Fix#5: Updating Discord

The Discord developers launch regular updates for resolving the bugs. It is possible that the recent update has stopped your screen sharing from functioning properly, and that the new update is needed for resolving it. Try to update Discord to check if that is the issue for you. Follow these instructions for solving the discord screen share no audio problem:

  • From the keyboard, hit the Windows + R keys simultaneously for opening the Run dialog.
  • Enter %localappdata% > click on OK.


  • Double-click on Discord.
  • Then, double-click Update.exe > wait for the update procedure for being completed.


  • Reopen Discord for testing the problem. If the sound problem continues to happen, move onto the next solution.

Fix#6: Avoiding The Full Screen

There’s a unique bug that we encountered where your screen share utility was not working whenever your user’s focus game or application was in your full-screen mode. It somehow conflicted with your Discord on permissions and access to your game and did not enable the audio to transmit correctly.

Hence you ought to try to make use of the game or application in the minimized format. Make certain that you reboot the PC before utilizing this fix. You can simply change the settings inside your game and set your video option to the Windowed mode, whereas, in apps, you can simply adjust all sides.

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