Fix DNS Server Not Responding On Windows [Solve It Now]

DNS server is a vital part of the Internet. Sadly, a few users have reported DNS server not responding issue occurring on their Windows computer. Therefore today we are gonna show you how you can resolve this problem. If you desire to access a website, you have to access your DNS server first. After the DNS server gets your request, you will be directed to your preferred site.

Why Can’t You Access Sites When The DNS Server Not Responding ?

First, let us find out what it is. DNS is the short form of Domain Name Server which assists in translating the site address into an IP address for the browser to refer to. So you might acquaint if there is anything wrong with the DNS server, you can’t access any site on the browser. No exception that if the DNS server stops working, you can’t access any website using the Internet.Fix if Discord Mic Not Working

What Can You Do If You Encounter The DNS Server Not Responding Error ?

The quickest solution is to change the settings of your DNS server manually. Then disable the firewall, reset the router and test your connection another time. If the issue persists, utilize the following troubleshooting solutions.Fix if you are facing Dns_probe_finished_bad_config

Solution#1: Restart Your Router

  • First of all, take out the power cable from your router.
  • Wait for at least ten seconds after all the lights of the router have gone out.
  • Then, simply connect the power cable again to your router.

Solution#2: Correct The DNS Address

This issue could be probably reasoned by the wrong address of the DNS server. To correct the address, follow these instructions:

  • From the keyboard, press the Windows + R key simultaneously to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Enter in control > click OK.

Control Run

  • Then, in Large icons, click on Network & Sharing Center > Change adapter settings.

DNS Server Not Responding

  • Now, right-click the Local Area Connection, Wi-Fi or Ethernet according to the Windows > click on Properties.

Ethernet properties

  • Click IPv4 > Properties.

Ethernet properties

  • Tick Obtain DNS server address automatically & obtain the IP address automatically > click OK.

Optain and Ip

  • Click IPv6 > Properties.

  • Tick Obtain DNS server address automatically and Obtain an IP address automatically > click OK.

DNS Server Not Responding

  • Try to access any site you desire to go and check if this method helped. If not then move onto the next solution.

Solution#3: Start The Computer In Safe Mode

At times 3rd-party apps like VPN tools or antivirus can interfere with the net connection. If you are getting the DNS server not responding error on the system, be sure to try accessing the net in Safe Mode. If you are not familiar, it is a particular mode in Windows that runs just with basic drivers and software. To enter Safe Mode on Win 10, you have to do the following:

  • Open Start Menu > click on the Power button. Keep holding down the Shift button on the keyboard and click on Restart.
  • You will see three options accessible. Simply select Troubleshoot.
  • Then, choose Advanced options and then click Startup Settings > Restart.
  • When the computer restarts, you will see a lot of options accessible. Choose Safe Mode with Networking by simply pressing the F5 key from your keyboard.
  • The Safe Mode will now begin.

When the Safe Mode begins, check if the network connection is running. If there’re no issues with the net connection in the Safe Mode, it denotes that the 3rd-party program is interfering with the net connection. To resolve this problem, you have to locate and remove the problematic app from the system.

Solution#4: Install The Updated Drivers

The network adapter depends on the drivers to work correctly, and if you have any issues with it, it may be owing to the drivers. The drivers may be automatically updated or corrupted, and that can at times reason the DNS server isn’t responding issue to appear.

To resolve this error, you have to visit the network adapter maker’s site, download the updated driver and install them on the computer. If you cannot access the net at all, you may desire to download the drivers on a different device and then install them on the computer.

Solution#5: Restart The Modem

If you have this DNS server issue on the computer, you may be capable of resolving it by restarting the modem. To do so, press the power button on the modem to switch it off. Wait for thirty secs and press the power button once more to switch it on. Wait until your modem switches on completely and check if the error persists.

Solution#6: Reset The IP And Clear The DNS Cache

  • Type command prompt in the search box > right-click on it to and select Run as admin.

Run as Admin CMD

Note: Click Yes when asked by the UAC.

  • Then, on the opened black window, enter the following commands and press Enter after entering each command.

“ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /registerdns

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /rene”

Admin CMD

  • Try to access the site you desire and check if this method has succeeded or not.

Solution#7: Disable The MS Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter

If you are utilizing a wireless connection, the issue may be reasoned by MS Wi-Fi Virtual Miniport Adapter. To resolve this problem, you have to locate and disable such adapters. You can do so by pursuing these steps:

  • Open the Device Manager.
  • When you see the Device Manager window, navigate to View > choose Show hidden devices.

  • Find MS Virtual Wi-fi Miniport Adapter > right-click it > select Disable. Repeat this step for all accessible Miniport Virtual Adapters.
  • After you are done, close the Device Manager > check if the issue is gone.

Solution#8: Disable All Extra Connections

You may have various connections accessible on the computer, and that can at times reason such kind of issues to appear. To resolve this issue, you have to disable those connections from the Network Connections window.

Then, open the Network Connections window and disable all the available connections except the active network one. To do so, just right-click on the connection that you desire to disable and select Disable from the menu.

Solution#9: Disable The Antivirus

The DNS server isn’t responding issue can occur owing to the installed antivirus program. Disabling it for the moment may help to resolve the issue. If disabling your antivirus program resolves the problem, you may desire to contemplate switching to diverse antivirus software. This issue more often than not occurs when you’ve installed a 3rd-party antivirus program, but you ought to not be worried about the safety since the incorporated Windows Defender program ought to be adequate.

Solution#10: Update The Network Adapter Driver

This issue could also be reasoned by an incorrect or old network adapter driver. You can simply update this driver manually or, if you are not sure playing around with drivers, you can do so automatically with the help of Driver Easy. It will automatically identify the system and locate the right drivers for it. You do not have to acquaint exactly what system the PC is running, you do not have to risk downloading & installing the incorrect driver, and you do not have to be anxious about making a mistake while installing.

You can automatically update the drivers with either the pro or free version of the program. But with the professional version it takes simply two clicks (and you get complete support and a thirty-day cash back assurance):

  • Download & install the Driver Easy program.
  • Run this app > click Scan Now. This program will then scan the PC and identify any problem drivers.
  • Click on Update All for automatically downloading and installing the right version of the drivers that are missing or outdated on the computer (this needs the professional version; you will be asked to upgrade when you click on Update All button).

Note: You can do so for free if you want, but it is partly manual. This program needs a network connection for updating the driver. If the windows cannot access the net, please utilize the Driver Easy’s Offline Scanning feature to assist you.

  • After updating the driver, please restart the PC. Try to access the site you desire and check if this helps.

Solution#11: Check For The 3rd-Party Apps

A few 3rd-party apps can affect the DNS and reason the DNS server issue to appear. Users stated that their DNS automatically changes to certain addresses. It seems that the problem was reasoned by a 3rd-party app known as ColdTurkey.

After uninstalling or disabling the problematic app, the DNS server isn’t responding issue was completely fixed. Remember that almost any network-related or security app can interfere with the DNS, so keep a watch on all the installed apps.

Solution#12: Wait For The ISP To Resolve This Issue

At times the DNS server not responding issue can be reasoned by the ISP. The internet service provider may be having a few problems, so you may need to wait for a few hours while the internet service provider fixes the technical difficulties.

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