Failed To Play Test Tone Error ( Fix it Now With Few Clicks )

The sound test tone play failed is a problem that informs you that there is an issue between Windows and the sound device the computer is utilizing. It appears as an error message in case you don’t have sound, and you try to check if the sound device is functioning. It’s the answer you’ll receive from Windows. This problem emerges for many Microsoft Windows operating system users and affects numerous versions of it. Having zero sound is something that no system user ought to experience, as it’s one of the necessary things a PC ought to do.

Albeit a few forum posts might guide you to think that Failed To Play Test Tone is a hardware problem, it’s actually not. There’re numerous things that you can perform to fix this via software, so please keep reading to know how you can fix this problem and get the sound back.More Windows Error Solution On

How to Fix This Audio Error

Solution#1: Restart Windows Audio To Fix The Failed To Play Test Tone Error

This one is one of the most excellent possible solutions. However, a few users report that it works momentarily. The problem manifests itself after a minute.

  • First of all, press the Windows logo button+ R key from your keyboard at the same time. Doing so will invoke the Run dialog box. In the open dialog box, enter services.msc > click OK or press Enter.

Failed To Play Test Tone

  • The services window will come up. From the services’ list, locate Windows audio service > restart the service by pressing the Restart button provided in the top toolbar > close the window.

Failed To Play Test Tone

Lastly, by now you ought to have the sound back. However, if you are still experiencing the Failed To Play Test Tone error, then you can follow the next solutions.

Solution#2: Disable The Audio Enhancements

  • First of all, right click on the sound icon from the bottom corner of your desktop and choose playback devices.

Failed To Play Test Tone

  • Then, choose speakers > click properties > enhancements tab. Tick the checkbox next to Disable all the enhancements (For a few Windows version, you might see disable all the sound effects here) > click Apply.

Disable Sound Effects

Solution#3: Install The HD Audio Device Driver

  • First of all, press Windows logo button + R key from your keyboard at the same time > enter devmgmt.msc > click OK or press enter to launch the device manager.
  • Then, expand video, sound & game controllers > right click on the audio driver > choose update driver software.

  • Choose search automatically for the latest driver program and let the procedure complete.
  • If it was not capable of updating the graphics card then again choose update driver program/software.
  • This time, choose browse my system for driver program/software.
  • Next, choose let me select from the list of device drivers on my system.
  • Choose the correct driver from that list > click on Next.
  • Let the procedure finish > reboot the computer.
  • Alternatively, navigate to the manufacturer’s site and download the updated drivers.

After installing the updated drivers, check if you are capable of fixing the Failed To Play Test Tone problem.

Solution#4: Reinstall The Audio Drivers

The play test sound issue can also be caused by corrupted drivers. You might desire to reinstall the drivers to solve the play sound problem. Follow these steps to fix the play sound issue:

  • First of all, navigate to the device manager.
  • When the device manager window appears, expand the video, sound and game controllers’ category. Within this group, it’ll display the audio device name. Right click it > click uninstall.
  • After uninstallation is done, reboot your system. Windows will install the generic sound driver on its own. Check to see if the play sound error occurs anymore. This way is also great if you desire to resolve the microphone not functioning or no audio device output is installed error.

Solution#5: System Restore

When none of the methods mentioned above works in fixing the play sound problem, then system restore can certainly assist you in resolving this issue. So without wasting any more time run the system restore to resolve the Failed To Play Test Tone problem.

Hope the solutions mentioned above will help you in solving the error in your windows computer.Driver Power State Failure Instant Fix is available & Windows Update Service Not Running as well

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