Fix Failure Configuring Windows Updates Error Now Quickly

Windows frequently downloads and installs any updates available when the auto-updater is switched on. However, you might at times get stuck with the problem with an error message on the computer screen saying ‘Failure configuring windows updates reverting changes.’ It isn’t an extremely common issue, but it might occur on anyone’s system. Now let’s dive into the solutions to resolve this issue.

What Are The Reasons Of The Failure Configuring Windows Updates Error ?

During an update, a lot of things can reason your Windows to freeze. On previous Windows systems when this occurred, the OS tries to roll back to the way your Windows was before a particular update. That’s what occurs when you see such a screen. Updates can fail for various causes. The following are a few causes of the Failure configuring windows updates reverting changes error:

  • The update itself reasons a problem that didn’t happen while testing.
  • The program you have already installed on the system isn’t compatible with the particular update.
  • A lot of updates are trying to load at the same time.
  • Detachable media is interfering with the way the PC restarts.

In a few events where automatic updates are enabled, this issue can make a reboot loop that’s extremely daunting. But don’t worry! Help is here! Keep reading this post to resolve this problem on your Windows systems.

Fixes To Try:

Fix#1: Waiting For Reverting Or Force Restart

If you are jammed on this error screen, then there’re two options available for you. If you choose to go with the first option, then you will have to wait for the PC to revert all the changes. It might take about half an hour to numerous hours. Apply this solution if you are frightened to go with the force restart and have sufficient patience. Once the reverting is done, the PC ought to boot and then pursue the steps below to make certain it does not occur again in the future.Fix Quickly HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working Problem

If you do not desire to wait for the reverting or if the reverting does not resolve the Failure configuring windows updates reverting changes problem and you still see the issue, then try to force restart the system. If you do not have a restart button, press the power button until your computer shuts down. Now restart the computer and keep pressing the F8 key repeatedly for entering in the safe mode.Easy Solutions To Fix The Steam Download Stopping Issue

Fix#2: Utilize The Windows Troubleshooter

The Microsoft Windows Troubleshooter is an application that locates the exact issue with an update and resolves it. For utilizing the Troubleshooter, you have to first download it for your Windows computer. Make certain you just download it from the official MS site to fix the Failure configuring windows updates reverting changes issue.

  • First of all, go to the Microsoft’s official site > click on the blue highlighted Fix it button under the proper version of Windows you have.
  • Select the Run option when the popup asks if you desire to run or save the files. It ought to automatically open your Troubleshooter.
  • Then, simply pursue the onscreen prompts for running the Troubleshooter. It’ll automatically locate update problems and resolve them.

If the Troubleshooter can’t locate any issues or if after resolving the problems detected you still have problem with the updates and face the Failure Configuring Windows Updates problem, continue to the next method for resolve the problem.

Fix#3: Remove All The Detachable Disks, Memory Cards, And Flash Drive, Etc.

Although detachable media doesn’t cause any issue with the update, it does reason a problem during the restart of the system where the updates are installed.

  • Check the memory card slots, USB ports, and disk drives for any detachable media like flash drives, SD cards, DVDs and/or CDs. If you do not locate any, you can go on to the next solution. But if you do locate something, proceed to the next step.
  • Shut down your PC if it isn’t already off. You might need to do a force shut down by pressing down the power button for 30 seconds.
  • Remove all the media from your system. For USB drives and memory cards, you can pull them out as soon as your PC is completely shut down. If you have to remove a CD or DVD with the system off, then insert the unfolded end of the paper clip into the manual disk ejecting hole. It’s a small hole located someplace on the disk player’s front.
  • Once the media is out, restart the PC and check if the updates have installed properly and the issue is gone.

Fix#4: Perform A Clean Reboot

At times 3rd-party applications may be interfering with your download. If that’s the case, then restarting your PC without such applications running ought to resolve the matter. Follow these steps to do a clean reboot for solving the Failure configuring windows updates reverting changes problem.

  • Sign into an admin account. If at whatever time throughout the following steps you’re asked for the password, enter it for this admin account. Press window + R button form the keyboard simultaneously. It will invoke the Run dialog box. Now, enter msconfig into the search bar > click OK or press Enter.
  • Click the services tab, when you see the window of System Configuration, and make certain that Hide all MS services has a checkmark beside it. Click on the option to Disable all.
  • If you have Windows Vista or7, skip this step and jump to the 4th step. In Windows 8, in the window of System Configuration, click on the startup tab > click Open Task Manager. When it opens, click on the startup tab in that window > choose every item you locate there > click the option for Disabling it if it is not already disabled. When you’re done, simply close the Task Manager.
  • If you are running Windows 8, then skip this step and jump to the 5th step. In Windows Vista or 7, in the window of System Configuration, click on the General tab > select Selective startup. Now make certain there is not a checkmark beside Load startup items option.
  • Now, on the window of System Configuration that’s still open, click on the Apply option > OK.
  • Click Power icon > select Restart for restarting your PC.
  • Once your PC restarts, try to rerun the updates. In the Microsoft Windows 8, you do so by simply opening the Start Menu, choosing Settings > Change computer Settings > select Update and Recovery > Windows Update. Lastly, click on the Install Updates option. In Microsoft Windows Vista and7, open the Start Menu > enter in Update in the box > select Windows Update. Now, click on the Install Updates option once more.

With the help of clean reboot, you ought to be capable of installing the updates normally, as long as a 3rd-party application was interfering with them and reasoning the error.

Fix#5: Do A System Restore

If you are still experiencing this error even after performing all the fixes mentioned above, you can try to do a system restore. Here’s how you can do a system restore with the restore point.

  • Enter in “create a restore point” in the windows 10 search box > choose it to continue.

  • Now, navigate to the System Protection tab > click on the System Restore option.

failure configuring windows updates

  • Click Next when a popup window opens.

  • Now, you can see the previously made restore points listed in the window. Choose the point you desire to restore to > click on Next button. If there’re numerous restore points you have made, then you can select any one based on the description or the created time.

  • Then, simply confirm the restore point > Finish.

When the process of system restoration is done, you can try to restart the PC and check whether the Failure configuring windows updates reverting changes issue is gone.


The fixes mentioned above ought to have fixed the Failure Configuring Windows Updates issue. If the problem occurs again, you may desire to try one of the additional ways to address it since every method fixes a diverse issue that can be reasoning the Failure configuring windows updates reverting changes error.

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