Troubleshoot The File Explorer Not Responding Error!

The file explorer is a helpful tool for all users to access folders and files on the hard drive. However, there’re a few users stated that they are facing the file explorer not responding error message when they try to browse files saved on their hard drives, which is very frustrating. This post will provide all users with a few best solutions to resolve this file explorer issue on Windows 10.

What Is The File Explorer ?

The file explorer is also known as the Windows Explorer, is a built-in file manager app. It debuted with the Win 95 release by Microsoft Corporation. With a GUI, it’s extremely convenient for all the users to manage and access folders, drives, and files. The file explorer is also a component in the OS that presents a lot of UI items on your monitor, like the desktop and taskbar. There’re a lot of methods for accessing the Win 10 file explorer.Solve Printer In Error State Error !

However, many users have faced file/Windows explorer not responding error when they attempt to open it. In this article, we summarize the top few fixes toward the file explorer Win 10 not responding problem with detailed steps. If you face the same error, try them out right now.

What Can You Do To Resolve This File Explorer Issue ?

Try out these solutions to resolve this file explorer error:

Solution#1: Restart The Windows Explorer To Get It Running Again

You can do this using the Task Manager. Here is how:

  • First of all, right-click on your taskbar > click Task Manager. If you cannot access your Task Manager like this, you can also reach it by simply hitting Alt + Ctrl + Delete for opening your Win Security screen > clicking on your Task Manager.

File Explorer Not Responding

  • Once the Task Manager window has opened, scroll and look for the Windows Explorer > right-click it > click Restart. You can also click the Win Explorer for highlighting it > click Restart from the bottom right > click More details from the bottom left corner to check all the processes if the Task Manager doesn’t show all.Solve Steam Content File Locked

If rebooting your file explorer did not work, keep reading for more fixes to the file explorer not responding error.

Solution#2: Running The System File Checker Scan

The system file checker is a built-in Windows utility for users for scanning the system for corruptions in Win system files and restoring the corrupted files. If the file explorer Win 10 is not responding, it might be reasoned by the corrupted files on the drive. And a lot of users stated that they resolved this error by the system file checker. You may try and check if it can work for you as well.

  • Enter command prompt into Win 10 Cortana search bar > locate the best-matched result > right-click on it > select Run as Admin.
  • Enter sfc /scannow < hit Enter.

File Checker Scan

  • After the scan is done, reboot your PC and see whether the problem has been fixed.

Solution#3: Changing The Display Settings

  • Follow this path: click on the Start button > go to Settings > navigate to System.


  • On the Display panel, simply change the size of the text to 125%, 100%, 200%, etc. Do not set it to 175%; it is reported to be the reason for this file explorer issue.


Check if you can now access your file explorer.

Solution#4: Clearing The Windows Explorer History

Eighty percent of the Win users who have faced file explorer not responding problem said that this solution had helped them a lot. Therefore, if you have tried all the fixes mentioned above and have not found any of them useful, then you can simply try this solution:

  • Enter control panel in your Win 10 Cortana search bar > from the best-matched results click on Control Panel.
  • Locate the file explorer options from your interface > click it.

file explorer

  • Then, click on Clear > OK for clearing the file explorer history.

clear history

Now, try to open your file explorer again.

Solution#5: Checking For The Possible Faulty Programs

A few users say that it’s the AVG antivirus software that can trigger this file explorer issue. Once shut down from your Task Manager, the file explorer is back. You ought to do the same. Check if there’s something strange occurred when you lost access to your file explorer. For instance, check if you can spot any icon vanishing or something similar to that.

Solution#6: Creating A New User Account

Making a new user account has resolved the file explorer not responding problem for many users. After making a new user account and signing into it, they may locate that the file explorer Win 10 is functioning normally there. If you have just one account on the computer, you might follow Microsoft’s directions for making a new user account and then see if your file explorer works.

Utilizing a new user account will remove the just utilized files in your Quick Access. If this method helps for the Win explorer not responding error, you can try to move all your data from the old user account to the new one. The only issue is that you might have to reinstall (a few) apps for the new user account.

After trying all these solutions, have you resolved this file explorer issue? Give these solutions a try if you have the same Win 10 problems!

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