How harmful is the Addiction to PUBG?

Soon after its launch, PUBG has reached the highest rank of popularity all over. Gamers of all ages, especially, youngsters are significantly attracted and addicted to it. Millions of people are playing and contributing to in-app purchases to update and upgrade their rank. However, when a mobile game becomes an addiction, it becomes a curse too in one way or another Reportedly in India the mobile phones are cheaper and convenient to use, and PUBG mobile game is also free. So people are so inclined to it, spending nearly 45 minutes per day. Considering its distressing effects, the central government has also banned PUBG in several countries.But still if you want to play pubg on pc you can download it from

Why PUBG is addictive and not other mobile games like Candy Crush and Bubble shooter?

It is important to note here that PUBG is a multiplayer fighting game in which you have to kill the opponents and remain alive till the end of the game to rank above. PUBG is gaining the most popularity for a long time now, and almost 10 out of 7 children are busy playing PUBG every day and all the time. In turn, it leads you to face several psychological problems that can be severely harmful to everyone. However, the addiction to any mobile game is problematic. Yet, unlike other popular mobile games like Candy Crush, Bubble shooter, to name some, these games have also attracted millions of people worldwide and all age but are not violent games like PUBG. These are more satisfying and comforting every time you play. Although, you crave more each time but not in an unpleasant way.

Addiction to PUBG

 What psychological problems can arise from gaming addiction?

The longer screen time even can make a person aggressive. So, in this case, a fighting game like PUBG can make you aggressive emotionally and behaviorally. The vulgarity that this game holds can leave a permanent hole in the child’s mind or can raise the ego of the adult player, making them aggressive, provoking them to find other ways to outburst this aggression.  A player can also end up not eating for long or eating while playing, which can also affect health. Disrupting the sleep, not being socially active, perceiving any of the players as an ideal, or preferring mobile games over any other outdoor activity can lead the player to suffer mentally and also physically.

Increased risk of Violence through PUBG

PUBG mobile game is a fighting game in which players have to kills the opponent enemy. The hours of playing the same game can make your mind still foreshadowing the same graphics of the game throughout your mind for a long time. So, fighting and killing for a whole 45 minutes session can consequently make the mind of the player violent as PUBG also includes real-time graphics of humans killing each other. It can be more disturbing, more aggressive, and furious for gamers. The human mind is like a blank slate. Anything that a person or a child experiences becomes his permanent perception.

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