What Is igfxem Module And How To Fix The Problem With It?

No wonder, if the igfxem module has stopped functioning issue appears on the system, as it is the most common problems of the Win OS. The great news is that the issue can be fixed, so you do not have to panic. But, before going ahead, you have to acquaint about the problems and the reasons.

What Is This Module?

The igfxem is the .exe file developed and designed by the Intel whose major role is to control the display linked with your graphics card. As mentioned before, it’s .exe file and gets into your Win through the Intel package. The igfxem is the short form of Intel Graphics Executable Main Module, and that file is not the main file of your Win. However, it’s approved by the Win and assists your graphics card to function smoothly. That file runs in the background, so you cannot locate its running platform from the apps, and the great place to detect that file is Windows Task Manager.Quickly Solve Device Descriptor Request Failed

Why Has The igfxem Module Stopped Functioning?

There are numerous causes behind each issue, among them a few are prominence. Here, in such a case, the condition is alike, for a problem ‘igfxem module has stopped functioning’ the prominent cause is the system files’ malfunctioning, and it occurs because of the virus attack or the unacceptable entry done by the program in your registry editor.Learn Install Multiple Bootable Operating Systems On One Usb Drive With Yumi

Method#1: Manually Updating The Intel Graphics Card Driver

Warning: Downloading the incorrect driver or installing them wrongly will compromise the computer’s stability and even reason the entire system to crash. So please go on at your own risk.

Step#1: From the keyboard, hit the Win + R buttons simultaneously > copy and paste devmgmt.msc into the run dialog box > simply click OK or hit Enter button from the keyboard.


Step#2: Now, locate and double-click the Display adapters (aka. Video card, Graphics card).

igfxem Module

Step#3: Then, right-click on the flavor of Intel graphics card driver > simply click on the Update driver option.

igfxem Module

Step#4: Next, click on the automatically Search for the up to date driver software option.

igfxem Module

Step#5: Relying on whether the Win offers you the driver update:

  • If yes, then simply pursue the instructions that you can see on your computer screen for updating your driver and skip the remaining steps. Then reboot the pc for the changes you have just made to take effect.
  • If no, and instead you received the message the best drivers for the device installed already, then you may need to carry on with the following steps. Clearly, the message is not right, and the Win can fail its work in keeping up with the company’s newest graphics drivers (hence the igfxem module has stopped functioning issue).

drivers for the device installed already

Step#6: Navigate to the official website of the Intel and check out the Support sector for the driver downloads.

Step#7: Then, type in the model of the Intel graphics card you have and look for the results.

Step#8: Now, click on the primary result to make certain you download the newest version of the driver you want.  Be certain to select only drivers that are compatible with the Win system versions you have.

Step#9: Then, simply download the file & install all the drivers you need.

Step#10: Now, reboot the pc and hopefully the irritating error has been resolved by now.

Method#2: Automatically Updating The Intel Graphics Card Driver (Recommended)

If you are not sure about manually playing around with the drivers, you can do so automatically using the Driver Easy. It’ll recognize the system automatically and locate the right drivers for it. You do not need to know exactly what system the processor is running, you do not need to take a risk in downloading and then installing the erroneous driver, and you do not need to be anxious about making any blunder while installing. This tool will handle everything.

You can simply update the drivers automatically using either the free version or the pro version of this tool. But with the Pro one it takes just two clicks (and you obtain the complete support and a cashback assurance that will be done in thirty days):

Step#1: First of all, download & install this tool.

Step#2: Now, run the tool and click on Scan Now. This tool will then scan the pc and detect any error drivers.

scan now

Step#3: Click on the option Update All for simply downloading and installing the right version of the drivers automatically that is outdated or missing on the system (it needs the Pro version. The user will be asked to upgrade when he or she clicks on the Update All option).

update all

Step#4: now reboot the pc and see if the igfxem module has stopped functioning issue is fixed.

That is all you have to make everything correct and resolve the issue with the Intel Graphics Executable Main Module.

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