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What Causes The Logitech G933 Mic Not Working Issue?

Users began reporting the Logitech g933 mic not working issue after a potential update of Windows. This behavior was seen with most of the users whoever updated the Win 10 system through the Windows update module. Logitech g933 is one of the most economic and well-liked headsets available which do not compromise on quality while also being budget-friendly. It’s a preference for many individuals, and when its microphone isn’t working denotes, they’re not capable of communicating when playing games.

What Causes The Logitech G933 Mic Not Working Issue?

Windows update is the major cause of this issue, but there’re also numerous other as well. A few of the causes why the Logitech G933 Mic Not Working are but not limited to:

  • Updating Windows: As mentioned before, updating the windows can break the microphone capabilities of your headset. Changing one option can fix this problem.
  • The Line Isn’t Set Full: The mic has sound levels to be transferred to your PC. If that’s set to low, your sound may not be transmitted correctly.
  • Access Issues: Maybe the mic isn’t allowed for transmitting the voice through Win 10.
  • Port Problem: The port into which you’re trying to connect your headset into may not be working.

Before we go on with the fixes for Logitech G933 Mic Not Working , you have to make certain that there’s no hardware problem with your headset. If the microphone is broken physically, there’s no way we can resolve it here. You have to take that to your technician for repairs.

Fixes You Should Try If Logitech G933 Mic Not Working :

You might not need to try all of these fixes, simply work the way down this list until you come across the one fix that really helps you out.

Fix#1: Permitting Access To The Headset Mic (For Win 10 Users)

You ought to permit the Win 10 system and the app to access the headset mic before you can make use of it. For checking that:

  • First of all, click on the Start button from the lower-left corner of the screen > click Settings.


  • Then, click on Privacy > Microphone.


  • Now, click on the Change button > make certain Microphone for the device is switched on.

  • Make certain Allow applications for accessing the mic is turned on.

Hopefully, this resolves the mic problem. But if not, there’re still a few other solutions you can try.

Fix#2: Check The Mic Settings

If the line-in level for the mic isn’t set to the right levels, your sound may not get transmitted properly to the PC. Actually, it’ll be transmitting, but you’ll be given some kind of illusion that is not. In this fix, we’ll go to the mic settings and make certain that the level of your microphone is set properly.

  • First of all, find your sound icon present at the taskbar > simply right-click on that icon > choose Sounds.

  • Once in the sounds window, choose the Recording tab. The devices list for mic will show up. Then, simply right-click on the mic > choose Properties. Now choose the Levels section > set it to 100 > simply save changes > exit.

  • In case you do not see your headsets in the recording section, then simply go to the Playback section and do the same steps for the headsets.

  • Now, simply test your mics correctly and check if the problem has gotten resolved.

Fix#3: Do A Hard Reset

If all these solutions do not help to solve Logitech G933 Mic Not Working, you can also try the hard resetting your headset correctly. The hard reset will get rid of all your stored configurations and set your headset as if it was new. You’d require a pin, and you’d need to take off your left side plate cautiously.

  • Connect the g933 headset to your USB power.

  • Now, on your microphone side, easily take away the side plate cautiously, so your internet structure is visible and bare to you.

  • Then, take a small pin > find your hardware reset button > hit and hold for about two seconds.

  • After that, simply repeat this process twice. Your headset will now easily be reset. Try to connect that again with the PC and check if the problem still persists.

Fix#4: Update The Firmware

In rare cases, your firmware of the Logitech headsets might not be updated or may not be functioning properly and that’s why Logitech G933 Mic Not Working error is occurring. In that case, you can try to connect the headsets with the PC and update your firmware to the most recent version. Make certain that you first disconnect all other peripherals from the PC before moving on.

  • First, connect your headset to the PC through both (a USB connection and the wireless adapter) before starting the update process.

  • Now, slide its power switch to ON.

  • Then, hit Win + S buttons > enter command prompt in the dialogue box > right-click the app > choose Run as admin.

  • Once the command prompt is opened, execute the ‘cd C:\Program Files\Logitech Gaming Software\FWUpdate\G933’ command so you can easily find the g933 firmware update utility.

  • Now, simply run this utility utilizing the force command, which is‘G933Update_v25.exe /FORCE’.

  • This utility will run, and then the firmware update will start. After that, simply follow the on-screen directions so that the update utility can start.
  • After updating, reboot the PC and the headsets and see if the error is gone.

Fix#5: Troubleshooting The Hardware Problems

If you are facing the Logitech g933 mic not working issue, it is likely there’re hardware problems with the PC or the headset. In such a case, there’re some things you have to carry out.Learn Install Multiple Bootable Operating Systems On One Usb Drive With Yumi

  • First, try to connect the headset to some other port on the PC. It’ll fix any issues you may be facing because of the port you are utilizing. If changing that port does not help, then simply connect the headset to some other Pc and check if that resolves the problem. If it does, then you ought to contact your vendor of the PC for some advice.

If nothing above works out for you, the problems might be on the headset. Then you ought to contact the Logitech support or have the headset serviced.

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