Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk ( Quickly Fix It )

Have you ever noticed MS Compatibility Telemetry disk service in the task manager of your Windows? Don’t you know what Microsoft compatibility telemetry is? Should you eradicate it? In this article, you’ll get to learn about this Microsoft tool. Also, you’ll learn how you can resolve the Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk usage problem.More On Techsolitic

What Is The Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry ?

Microsoft Telemetry is a technical data gathering service for a windows device that gathers information about your computer system activity, performance, etc. Microsoft gathers all the device data to advance your Windows disk services and to enhance the user experience. A few of its major functions comprise:

  • Updates your Windows regularly
  • It improves the performance of Windows keeping it secure and reliable.
  • Measures and improves your windows usage.
  • Allows Windows engagement surfaces

You might have perceived the Microsoft telemetry in the task manager of your device. Though the company does not spy on the users, it undoubtedly acquires a huge space of disk or CPU of any PC.

Why Windows 10 Includes Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry?

Here are a few causes why MS has set up this disk tool in your Windows 10.

  • It also advances system performance and makes it securer from malware or virus attacks.
  • The data this tool collects is utilized for improving system security.
  • Upgrade windows OS according to what you desire.

Although this part is useful, you can still switch off Microsoft compatibility telemetry, and decline sends any data to Microsoft whatsoever.

How Can You Resolve The Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage Problem?

If Microsoft compatibility telemetry is reasoning the Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk usage on the computer system, then you can refer to the following solutions.

Method#1: Disabling The Tool Utilizing Group Policy Editor:

Step#1: First, press the Windows logo button + R key to open the Run window. Type in gpedit.msc in the search bar > press Enter.

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk

Step#2: Now go to the following file path utilizing the navigation pane at the left of your screen: Computer Configuration then go to Administrative Templates then open Windows Components then open Data Collection and then Preview Builds.

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry


Step#3: Double-click on the entry Allow Telemetry to launch its settings > set key to Disabled > click on Apply to save all the changes made > exit.

allow tele

Step#4: Restart the PC and check if it has solved the High disk usage issue at hand. You can check the disk usage by press Windows logo + R key at the same time > typing taskmgr.

Method#2: Disable This Tool By Deleting Compattellrunner.exe With All The Owner Rights:

To do so, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step#1: First of all, log in to the PC as admin. To do so, you just need to log in from an account with administrative rights.

Step#2: When you are logged in successfully, press the Window logo button + R key at the same time to launch Run dialogue box.

Step#3: Now, enter C:\Windows\System32 and press Enter. In place of pressing Enter on the keyboard, you can just click on OK utilizing the mouse.

Step#4: A directory window will emerge. Here all the system files for the Windows operating system are located. Locate the file titled compattelrunner.exe.

Step#5: Right-click on the file and choose properties.

Step#6: In the Properties dialogue box, click on the Security tab. Now, in the Security tab, find Advanced settings > Click on it.

Step#7: A new window will open. Find the Owner tab in the opened window.

Step#8: Now find Edit at the bottom after clicking on that Owner tab > Click Edit.

Step#9: When you perceive the Edit window, choose Administrators > click on Apply. Now save the changes by clicking on OK button.

Step#10: Here, you may see a popup asking you to close all the windows of Properties. Click ok, and you have productively taken the ownership of this file.

Step#11: Before deleting the file, you also have to change permission for that file. To do so, just from the System32 folder, right on the Capattelrunner.exe that you opened in the fourth step.

Step#12: Click on the Properties and navigate to the Advanced tab just like you did before. Choose Permissions tab > select the admin account in the next window.

Step#13: Now, simply click on the Allow next to the Full Control column. It ought to provide you all permissions linked to this particular file. That is what we require to delete the file.

Step#14: Now return to the System32 folder and just delete the compattelrunner.exe file to switch off this Microsoft tool.

Step#15: Lastly, right-click on your windows recycle bin and Choose Empty the Recycle Bin.

That is all. Now you have productively deleted the compattelrunner.exe file. The problem you were encountering with the Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk usage ought to be resolved.

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