Quickly Fix If Middle Mouse Button Not Working Issue ?

The middle button of the modern mice has been here for quite a time now. It permits you to turn your wheel to scroll the pages or click it one time for special functions like to open a new web browsers tab etc. There’ve been many cases where users have reported the Middle mouse button not working issue because of unidentified causes.Get more info on Techsolitic

This issue can have two meanings; either there’s a hardware problem in your mouse, or there’re a few software configurations which might be of wrong configurations or conflicting with your hardware.

Tip: Before following the fixes mentioned below, you can try plugging the mouse in some other system and check. If the issue still persists, it probably denotes that there’s an issue with the hardware.

Try The Following Solutions For Resolving The Middle Mouse Button Not Working Problem :

Here’re the fixes you can try. You should not need to try all of them. Simply work your way down to come across the one that really works for you.

Solution#1: Troubleshoot The Hardware Problem

The hardware issue with the mouse can reason the middle mouse is not working problem, so you can check the mouse and see if it resolves the issue. To particularly find the problem, you can unplug the mouse from your current system, and plug it to some other system. Then check if the middle mouse button functions on that PC.

If the mouse functions with another PC, it can be the connection problem of the system and the mouse, or the software problem that reason your mouse stops working. Check the following solutions for resolving it.Solve Device Descriptor Request Failed Error

If your middle mouse button is still not functioning in another PC, it can be a hardware issue with the mouse itself. You can open the mouse and check with your mouse parts (we just suggest you do so if you are confident with the PC skills); we won’t cover it in this post as the structure of mouse differs from one mouse to another and from makers to makers. You can simply process an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) for getting a replacement if it is still under warranty.

Solution#2: Change Mice Settings Through The App

Many makers comprise software which comes with the mice for controlling its bind buttons and features. Such mice are frequently medium to high-end and have the ability for binding functions with many mouse buttons. It’s possible that there’s a setting which isn’t set properly or the middle mice button is set to do some other task.

Since there’re many mice software available, we can’t list all of them int his article. Open the mice software on the PC and see if your middle mouse button (also recognized as mouse button three) is set to some other work. For instance, in SetPoint Settings of Logitech, the middle mice button is frequently bound for Autoscroll. Change it to the Generic Button. Similar settings available for Razer or Bloody mice. Frequently changing settings from Zoom to Middle button resolves the issue. After making all the changes, disconnect your mouse and connect it again to check if it does the trick.Solve Service host Local System High Disk Error

Solution#3: Run The Hardware Troubleshooter

The built-in Device and Hardware Troubleshooter can assist in troubleshooting your device hardware problem and resolve it, so you can run your Troubleshooter for resolving the mouse scroll not working issue.

  • Launch the Control Panel in the PC > click on Troubleshooting.

middle mouse button not working

  • Click Sound & Hardware.

Sound & Hardware

  • Then, click on Devices & Hardware.

Devices & Hardware

  • Click on Next to begin troubleshooting > simply follow the on-screen instructions.

begin troubleshooting

  • Restart the PC and check if the mouse middle button click works.

If this fix does not work, do not be anxious. We have other fixes you can try.

Solution#4: Reinstall The Mouse Drivers

If all the fixes mentioned above do not work, it probably denotes that the drivers related to the mouse are either outdated or corrupt. Drivers are the major working force behind hardware, and they’re the software interface which permits communications between the hardware and the OS.

The best way is to unplug your mouse and plug it again after restarting the computer. Like this, the default drivers can be installed. It’d resolve the issue if any latest driver reasoned the issue. If it does not work, you can always update your driver manually by simply downloading your driver from the maker site or try to update them manually.

  • First of all, press the Win + R button > enter devmgmt.msc in the Run dialogue box > press Enter.

run devmgmt

  • Now, click to expand the Mice & other pointing devices section > right-click on your mouse > choose Uninstall device.

remove mouse

  • Unplug the mouse from your computer and start the PC again. After restarting, plug the mouse in. Your drivers will automatically be installed.

Solution#5: Make Changes In The Registry

If the above methods didn’t assist in resolving the malfunction of middle scroll button/wheel of your mouse, you could try this solution fix for bringing the mouse back on course. Of course, you need to endure mice glitch for a while or utilize a touchpad for making it.

  • Utilize Windows shortcut buttons Windows logo key + R for opening the Run dialog box.
  • Type into regedit > press Enter.


  • Then simply, paste ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop’ in the Registry Editor address bar > hit Enter.

hkey current

  • Now, from the right pane, locate and double-click on Wheel-Scroll-Lines.


  • Enter 3 in the Value data field > click OK.

Then start the PC again to check if you can browse your web page with the middle scroll wheel of your mouse or open a new page by simply pressing it. If your mouse center button problem still persists, you have to manage your mouse driver for fixing it.

Solution#6: Disabling The Extensions

If you are being capable of utilizing the mouse middle button while working in eh web browsers, there might be some tricky extension there in the browser. An extension is simply a plug-in that expands the browser’s functionality. Such extensions can become difficult in numerous diverse cases. We can simply try to disable them and see if it resolves anything. Do note that this fix is for the users who can access the middle button of the mouse outside the browsers. We’ll be highlighting the way on how you can disable extensions in the Chrome.

  • First of all, open new tab > enter chrome://extensions. All of your extensions will be listed then. You can try to disable all of them at once and check if the middle button of your mouse works as needed.

chrome extensions

  • If your mouse works, you can turn the extensions back on individually and decide which one was reasoning the issue. The Adblockers are recognized to reason issues so make certain you also check them.

Solution#7: Update The Mouse Software & Check 3rd-Party Program

Like mentioned before, the mouse program, which is included with a good mouse control the functions you do use the mouse and are accountable for interacting with your OS. There’re numerous cases where after you update your Windows, you face the Middle mouse button not working problem. The cause for that is that the app may not be compatible with your operating system.

After every major operating system update, maker’s roll out their own program updates for countering the change and align their device according to your OS. You ought to go to the official site of the mouse and make sure that you have installed the latest program.

Other than updating your mouse software, you ought to also make sure that there’s no 3rd-party program installed on the PC which strength be conflicting with the default program of your mouse. Such software comprises mouse utilities like the KatMouse. Make sure that such utilities are not meddlesome. If they are, you can simply delete them.

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