No Audio Output Device Is Installed Fix Error Instantly

You are ready to play your favorite remix you have downloaded, but when you press a button to play it, your PC presents you the No Audio Output Device Is Installed message. You try to download and install the audio drivers, but you are not sure you have the correct ones to install, you restart, you try to install new driver… Fear not, there are easy methods to make sure that you have got the right sound drivers to install, and that all the essential services are running. More often than not, you can get back to pumping such jams in a matter of seconds.

No Audio Output Device Is Installed Fix it

Solution#1: Manually Uninstall And Reinstall The Device Drivers

Step#1: In the Device Manager, expand video, Sound, and game controllers > right-click on the audio device > click on Uninstall for uninstalling the device drivers.

Step#2: Reboot the system. After rebooting, Microsoft Windows ought to automatically install the sound driver again. Once the windows install the newest right device driver, it may fix the issue.

Solution#2: Deal With The No Audio Output Device Is Installed Issue Using Device Manager

The Device Manager is an additional troubleshooter which could assist you in resolving a lot of common PC problems, including the audio devices issue on Windows 10. Refer to the following instructions to get the audio or sound card back into the normal function.

Step#1: Press Windows logo button + R key > enter devmgmt.msc in the opened Run dialog box to launch the Device Manager.

Audio Run

Step#2: Then, scroll down to locate the video, sound, and game controllers category, expand it to find the audio devices. Note: If you cannot see the video, sound, and game controllers category then follow these steps:

Sound Drivers

  • Choose Action from the top of the panel. (If there’s no such tab then click the blank place > Action)
  • Choose Add Legacy hardware.

Add Legacy hardware

  • Then, on the Add Hardware Wizard window, click Next.

Add Hardware

  • Select Search for and install the hardware automatically > click Next. (If the Wizard message comprehends the wizard didn’t locate any new hardware on the system, click Next)

Search and install

Wizard not found

  • Now, scroll down to find the video, sound, and game controllers category.
  • Choose it > click Next.

sound video game

  • Select the exact audio card > click Next.
  • Now, click Next to install the audio drivers > click Finish.


Step#3: Now, right-click on the audio gadget > choose Enable.

Realtek high

Step#4: Check whether the No Audio Output Device Is Installed issue is solved. If persists, select Uninstall to eliminate the audio drivers.

Step#5: Restart the system to save all the changes you have made and Windows will automatically load the audio drivers.

Solution#3: Run Audio Troubleshooter In Windows 10

To resolve this error in Windows 10, you can also run the integrated Windows Troubleshooter. To access this troubleshooter, here is what you have to do.

Step#1: First, press the Windows button + X key to launch the search box.

Step#2: Then, enter Troubleshoot in the search box > hit Enter.


Step#3: Now, click View all.

Step#4: Choose Playing Audio.

Step#5: Pursue the instructions to finish the troubleshooting process.

Solution#4: Remove And Install A New Sound Card

There’s a possibility that the defective sound card is causing the No Audio Output Device Is Installed error in Windows 10. You could try to install a new sound card to replace the previous one to resolve this issue.

If that still does not help, it is possible that you are facing a hardware failure. Though it is uncommon for a sound card to expire, it can take place to any module in the PC. If you have a desktop system with a free PCIe or PCI slot, the best bet might be just to purchase a new sound card and install it. They are extremely cheap, and would surely be less cost and snag than carry the machine to the repair shop.

If you do have laptops, there’re still other workarounds. If the laptop has Bluetooth, and most laptops lately are, you ought to contemplate installing Bluetooth headphones. If you have to connect the laptop to a stereo system, there’re Bluetooth adaptors that’ll let you do so. A lot of smartphones lately make do without the mini-jack; you can make the laptop work without it too.Check Bad Pool Header Error Fix also if you are facing this error also & Modern Setup Host High Disk Usage as well

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