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Nvidia Control Panel Missing – Quick Method To Fix

People who have Nvidia graphics card installed on their computers have always had the choices to tweak such graphics settings by utilizing the Nvidia Control Panel. However, at times a problem emerges where you encounter the problem. There are numerous methods to get the Control Panel back, but a few of such solutions may appear complicated and long. Either way, you’ll have to follow through the rest of the post to find the best solution which should resolve the control panel Nvidia issue for you in windows 10 or in other version of windows many options are given if it is not showing up.More On Tech solitic & Know information about Vulkan Runtime Libraries

Nvidia Control Panel Missing Fix Error :

The following are a few of the best solutions you can use to fix the problem. You might not need to try these all; simply work your way down until you come across the one that actually works for you.

Method#1: Try To Unhide The NVIDIA Control Panel

The Control Panel NVIDIA might be hidden by the Windows while upgrading from a preceding version or by program that has modified the graphics settings by accident. You can open Control Panel NVIDIA in the Windows and then show the panel in the desktop context menu. Follow these steps to resolve the Nvidia control panel missing issue:

  • First, open the Run dialog box in your computer system and to do so, press the Windows button and R key from the keyboard.
  • Then, enter control in the opened dialog box and press Enter from the keyboard. It will open the Control Panel (of Windows).

Nvidia Control Panel Missing

  • In the window, under View by section, choose Large icons.

Nvidia Control Panel Missing

  • Now, select the Nvidia Control Panel.

Nvidia Control Panel Missing

  • In the Nvidia window, click Desktop or View > check the Add Desktop Context Menu.

Nividia Control Panel

Go to the Desktop of your system and see if the NVIDIA Control appears in your Desktop context menu.

Method#2: Restart The Nvidia Services To Resolve The Issue

It might happen that the NVIDIA window went missing from your Windows Desktop context menu also from your System Tray. The other basic method for all the users to try is to start the NVIDIA particular services again. Now, let’s see how you can begin the Nvidia services again on your computer display:

  • First of all, open Run by simply pressing the Windows logo key + R button together. Now, enter services.msc in the search box > press Enter key from your keyboard.

Nvidia Control Panel Missing

  • It will take you to the Services window. Here, you’ll locate all the running services on the computer. In the list of all the services, search for services whose name begin with NVIDIA. Then, choose every NVIDIA service and click on the Restart key accessible on the left side of the opened window. If a service has discontinued, click on Start.

Nvidia Control Panel Missing

See if this solution got the missing Nvidia Control Panel back that went missing. If it did not resolve the Nvidia control panel missing problem, then restart the computer and check once more. If you still can’t see the Nvidia control panel that went missing then try the next solution to solve the control panel Nvidia issue.

Method#3: Reinstall The Graphics Driver

If updating the video drivers cannot help you, then you might have to install it completely once again. There might be some corrupted driver files that easy uninstallation cannot get rid of. You have to clean all the files before installing the new device drivers. You can also utilize the Driver Easy to install the driver again (also Pro needed).

  • Go to the Driver Easy > choose Tools.
  • Choose, Driver Uninstall > click on the Nvidia graphics driver in the Display adapters’ group > click on Uninstall. The graphics driver will take a little time to uninstall.
  • Now, reboot the PC > open the File Explorer (on the keyboard, press the Windows and E keys at the same time).
  • Navigate to the C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) > delete all the Nvidia folders.
  • You can utilize the Driver Easy to install the graphics driver again.
  • Now, check to know if it has brought the Nvidia control panel back that went missing.

Method#4: Stop Overclocking The GPU

Overclocking the GPU frequently reasons the Nvidia control panel error.  Overclocking is a procedure where you modify the speed and frequency of the processor to a greater value and over the factory settings. It can provide the system a major speed boost, but you need to very careful since there were times where complete computers went down in the blaze after people overclocked them too much or because they were not careful.

Returning the GPU’s frequency and rate to its actual state rides on which software you utilized to overclock in the first place. Nvidia and AMD have their own apps accessible which you can easily download. These apps let users overclock the GPU, but there’re a lot of programs available to select from. Stop overclocking the graphics card and check to know if your Nvidia control panel has reappeared.

Method#5: Launch The Nvidia Control Panel Manually:

Till the time you can’t come across a permanent solution, you can also try to manually open the Nvidia Control Panel on the PC to resolve the Nvidia control panel issue. Here are the steps you should follow to manually launch and make a desktop shortcut for the control panel:

  • Open My Computer. Then, navigate to C Drive and search for the Program Files folder. In that folder, you’ll locate the Corporation folder. If you cannot find the Nvidia control panel Corporations folder in there, search for it in the Program Files (x86) folder. Once you are in the control panel Corporation folder, open the Client. In the folder search for nvcplui file.
  • Right-click the nvcplui file > click on Run as admin. You can also make a Desktop Shortcut of the window from the menu that opened after right-clicking on the nvcplui.

If you follow the method mentioned above very carefully as they are stated, then you can surely get rid of the Nvidia control panel missing issue. Although all the methods mentioned here are the best solutions to solve the issue, you should always start with the solutions mentioned at the top of the post. If these solutions fail to resolve your Nvidia control panel problem, then you can raise a query at the Nvidia Forum.You can fix Wmi Provider Host High Cpu Usage Issue

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