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How To Resolve The Plex TV Link Not Working Problem!

The PMS or Plex Media Server provides an easy-to-use method of saving media files in one spot. This central storage can make it simpler for you to access them from your device simply. So, if you desire to utilize Plex on a smart television, the first step is to link the TV with the PMS. You can do that by utilizing to start. But in recent times, a lot of users have faced the Plex TV link not working issue.

Once you acquaint how you can connect Plex to your television, it ought to be simpler for you to begin utilizing the service and stream content. But you might come across an issue when attempting to re-link the device (Xbox, TV, and Smartphone, etc.) to the PMS. A lot of users have stated numerous problems when accessing activate. For instance, a few are not capable of signing in to the account, and others can’t enter the given 4-digit code.

What Are The Causes Of Plex TV Link Not Working Issue?

You’re not capable of linking Plex to television because of different causes, comprising:

  • You’re running an out-of-date Plex Media Server version.
  • Plex servers are down.
  • You’ve already logged into your Plex Media Server.

Steps For Resolving This Problem:

You can resolve a few of the issues mentioned above utilizing the following ways:

Signing Out From The Plex Account:

If the tool is not capable of connecting to the Plex server, odds are you’ve already logged into the Plex Media Server utilizing the Plex account. It can also denote that the app is logged in and connected to the account. Here’s what you can carry out for resolving the issue:

  • Log out of the Plex account in both the Plex Media Server and tool.

  • Sign in to the Plex account in the PMS.

  • Log in to the account in the Plex tool or through the login.

If you cannot connect to your Plex server, it’s helpful that you make sure your Plex Media Server is running actively.

Connecting The Program To The Plex Account

If you link Plex to television and the service can’t locate your server, it could be you haven’t connected the player tool to the Plex account. Here’s what you ought to carry out if Plex cannot locate your server.

  • Open the tool on the television > choose Sign In

  • An activation code with 4-character Plex will appear on the screen.

  • After that, navigate to on the desktop web browser.

  • If you don’t acquaint where to enter that Plex code, search for the space bar which says CODE > choose Submit.

Once you submit, the player tool will refresh. That’ll finish the step for linking it to the account.

Connecting The Devices To The Same IP Range:

A few individuals come across the error, Plex unable to connect to your content server. In the majority of cases, the issue could be both the Plex Media Server and tool aren’t on the same network. The server and the app have to be on the same subnet of your local network for linking properly. For instance, if the server is on, the application also has to be on You can simply change such settings by navigating to Settings > go to Server > open Network.

Updating The PMS:

If you’re running an out-of-date version of the Plex Media Server, update that by simply navigating to the download page. When you are updating your server, first select the platform (Linux, Windows, or Seagate, etc.) so that you can acquire the most recent version. Also, make sure that you’re utilizing the most recent version of the television or mobile application.


If you come across the Plex TV link not working error when utilizing, make sure that the Plex Media Server and player app are on the same subnet or local network. The Plex not working issue can also take place because your service is facing downtime. In such a case, you’ll need to wait until they resolve it.

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