Quick Method To Use PS3 Controller On PS4

If you have both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles, you may be thinking if your Playstation 3 controller can be utilized with the PlayStation 4. Several times we get accustomed to the older things a lot so that even when we get advanced and better things, our preference stays with the older one. Same things happen with many gamers, and they desire the PS3 controller to function with PlayStation 4.More On Rapid Tech

Though PlayStation 4 console is much advanced than the precursor, you require time to get accustomed to it. Numerous gamers feel it’d be awesome if they could connect and enjoy newest games which the new one provides. When you purchase PS4, you can also get a controller called DualShock 4. DS4 controller is good for playing games and has more benefits than the DS3 and the earlier Playstation controllers.

Can You Use PS3 Controller On PS4 ?

Unfortunately, the answer is No, but do not become demoralized. The Sony PS site and gaming forums clearly state that the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 are two diverse controllers and the DualShock Playstation 3 controller isn’t compatible with PlayStation 4. However, don’t be anxious as there’re ways to make it possible.Do you have question Can You Play PS3 Games On PS4 ?

The DualShock Playstation 4 controller utilized with PlayStation 4 is advanced than its precursor (the PlayStation 3). One of the major differences is the touch screen. Also, PlayStation 4 has numerous advanced features included which are required to play the newest games on PlayStation 4. Despite all the unhelpful thumping, we can certainly assist you in getting the PlayStation 3 controller work with your PlayStation 4 console.

How Do You Utilize PS3 Controller On PS4 Console ?

You can utilize the Playstation 3 controller on PlayStation 4 by simply using a controller converter. After PlayStation 4 was released, a few businesses had begun to think about how they can make it possible for gamers to utilize their favorite controllers with any console. Then they created adapters controller. A controller adapter not just permits you to use your favorite controller with any console but also saves cash on purchasing new controllers.Fix if Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working

You can locate different brand controller adapters. If you are not certain which brand you can buy or do not desire to splurge much time on searching, we will suggest Brook and Cronusmax Plus. They are friendly to use and are not expensive.

PS3 Controller On PS4

Solution#1: Make Use Of Brook Connector Converter

Brook Connector Converter

Brook is a connectivity converter that’d assist you to connect DS3 connector to PlayStation 4. In comparison to the Cronusmax Plus, it is a comparatively easy device that requires fewer configuration steps to work. Follow these steps:

Step#1: In a USB port of your PlayStation 4, insert the Brook converter.

Step#2: Now utilizing a mini-USB wire connect the Brook Connector and DS3 connector.

Step#3: You’d see the LED1 on the DS3 blinking that shows the connection is done.

Step#4: You can take out the mini USB cable connecting the Brook connector and DS3 connector.

Step#5: Now try to play your favorite game utilizing DS3 connector.

Solution#2: Make Use Of PS3 Controller On PS4 Using Cronusmax Plus

Step#1: Get Your Cronusmax Plus Controller Adapter.

First of all, you will have to buy your own Cronusmax Plus Gaming Adapter. Explore the internet to fine the one.

Step#2: Download Cronus Pro.

The software gets updated all the time. Make certain to download the latest version of the application. After the download is done, double-click the setup to install it on the computer.

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