Fix Razer Synapse Not Working Error !

PC enthusiasts are aware of Razer and its products. Razer keyboard and Razer mouse are the two most well-liked Razer products. The best thing about its products is its reliability and versatility. If you’re a frequent Razer devices user, you must have made use of the Razer Synapse. It’s a cloud-based combined configuration program of Razer for managing all the other Razer products. However, at times, Razer Synapse may make some difficulties and discontinues working.

The situation gets really annoying then. Therefore, in this post, we’ll show how you can resolve the Razer Synapse Not Working issue in Windows in some extremely easy ways. After this post, you’ll be capable of solving the following problems:

  • Razer Synapse Won’t Open
  • The Razer Synapse Not Working
  • Razer Synapse Network Not Available
  • The Razer Synapse Not Responding

What Reasons The Razer Synapse Not To Work ? 

Getting each peripheral identified on the PC independent of the OS and the Razer Synapse version is no simple thing. That’s why the reasons why the device might not get recognized are quite different:

  • The USB (Universal Serial Bus) drivers from which you’re connecting the mouse is not updated or holds some inconsistencies.
  • You’re running some older Windows version. As reported by numerous users, Windows 7 home and education don’t support the Synapse appropriately. All the newer Windows versions are supported.
  • You may be installing the older drivers for the Razer products from the CD in place of the newest ones accessible.
  • Synapse program is in a problem state. It occurs more often, and a reinstallation resolves the problem.
  • Make certain that the Windows is updated to the most recent version.

Before going into the niceties on how you can resolve this Razer Synapse problem, make certain that you have admin privileges and an active net connection on the PC.

Solutions To Resolve The Razer Synapse Not Working Error :

There are a few solutions accessible to resolve the Razer Synapse Not Working error. You do not require any special information or tools to utilize these. Simply follow the step-wise guide given below. You can try any of the solutions selectively, or you can try them one at a time. Let’s go on to the solutions for resolving this Razer Synapse problem.

Solution#1: Reinstalling The Drivers

For fixing this issue, you can try to reinstall all the drivers to the newest version. First, you’ll not just have to uninstall the Razer drivers, but all HID-compliant devices. It was the key for the majority of people in fixing their issues. Next, you’ll either try updating automatically. If automatic updates aren’t accessible, you can make certain that the newest version is installed by going to the manufacturer’s site.

  • Before uninstalling your devices, make certain that you uninstall the Razer Synapse before continuing.
  • Hit Windows key + R button, enter devmgmt.msc in the Run dialogue box > hit Enter.


  • Once in your device manager, expand the Keyboard and Mice and other pointing devices section > right-click on every entry > choose Uninstall device. Make certain that you check the Delete device drivers checkbox when uninstalling your device.

razer synapse not working

  • Drivers will be installed automatically. If you already have the newest version of Synapse and the net connection, the program ought to automatically install the newest drivers.

If you are not capable of getting the devices detected by Synapse, you can attempt installing all the drivers manually from the manufacturer’s-site/motherboard. At times the very USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports have broken drivers or aren’t updated.

  • Go to your device manager > open the Universal Serial Bus (USB) controllers category.

usb controller

  • Then, right-click on every entry > choose Update driver.

Razer Synapse Not Working

  • Choose the Search automatically for the updated driver program. Now Windows will connect to the update and automatically install the newest drivers. Restart the PC and see if the problem is gone.
  • You can also go to the manufacturer’s official site and get the newest drivers accessible. Unzip all the available packages and install them one at a time. Do not overlook to restart the PC before seeing if the Synapse error is resolved.

Solution#2: Installing The Program Again

Installing your Synapse again is possibly the easiest and best method to fix this error. Follow such steps to resolve the issue:

  • First of all, hit Windows + R key for opening the Run dialog box > enter appwiz.cpl in the box > press Enter. Features and Programs window will appear.


  • Find Razer Core and Razer Synapse > right-click on them > click Uninstall.

Razer Synapse

  • Go to and C:\ProgramData\Razerdirectories and C:\Program Files (86-bit)\Razer and delete all the files available there. Make certain to unhide those files and then remove them (click View > check the Hidden items checkbox).


  • Restart the PC after removing the files.
  • Hit the Windows + R button for opening the Run box > enter devmgmt.msc > hit Enter. The Device Manager window will appear.


  • In your Device Manager, find all your Razer devices > right-click on them > choose Uninstall device and do check the Delete the driver program for this device checkbox while removing.

uninstall device

  • Unplug all your Razer devices from your PC. Keep them disconnected for about five minutes > plug them again. Windows will automatically install the drivers.
  • Switch off the antivirus program and firewall and install the newest.NET Framework version.
  • Download Synapse from the official site > see if the issue is fixed. However, Synapse will also be automatically installed with the drivers.

Solution#3: Close The Razer Processes

A few Synapse users have stated that closing the Razer processes before opening the Synapse can really resolve the Razer Synapse Not Working problem. To do so:

  • Right-click your taskbar > choose Task Manager.
  • Under background processes, choose any Razer processes listed > click End task for closing them. After that, close your Task Manager; and run Razer Synapse as an admin.

taskmanager close

Solution#4: Turn The Windows Defender Firewall And 3rd-Party Antivirus Off

The Windows Defender Firewall and 3rd-party antivirus program can also block Synapse services. So turning them off may also resolve the Razer Synapse Not Working issue. You can disable most 4rd-party antivirus utilities temporarily by choosing the disable options on the system tray. Follow the following guidelines for turn the Windows Defender Firewall off.

  • Launch Run by simply pressing the Windows + R button from the keyboard.
  • Type firewall.cpl in the Run dialog box, > click OK. It’ll take you to the Windows Defender Firewall Control Panel.
  • Click on Turn Windows Defender Firewall on/off option for opening them.


  • Choose both the Turn Windows Defender Firewall radio off buttons > click OK.

Solution#5: Install the Windows Updates

Windows roll out significant updates targeting different bug fixes in the OS. If you’re hesitating and not installing any Windows update, we highly suggest that you so. Windows 10 is the newest Windows OS, and new OSs take a lot of time to get just right in each regard.

  • Hit Windows logo button + S key to open the start menu’s search bar. Enter Windows update in the search bar > click the first search result.
  • Once you are in the update settings, click on the check for updates button. Now Windows will check for the updates available automatically and install them. It might even ask you for a system restart.

Check for updates

  • After updating, restart the PC and check if the problem got fixed.


These were a few of the easy and solutions on how you can resolve the Razer Synapse Not Working issue without any struggle. If you applied the appropriate solution correctly, you’d be utilizing Razer Synapse and other Razer products effortlessly. One more solution is to get rid of this problem is disabling the Razer Surround.

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