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Reason For Which the SKSE64 Not Working Issue Occurs

SKSE64 is the short form of Skyrim Script Extender 64; it is a Modding program that is elemental in utilizing the complex Mods for the Skyrim Special Edition. Lately, many reports have been coming in from the users who are unable to run the game after they have installed mods using the SKSE64 executable. In a few cases, the game runs with a black screen, while in other cases, it does not open at all.

Reason For Which the SKSE64 Not Working Issue Occurs:

So, here’re the primary causes that are responsible for the SKSE64 not working issue to happen:

  • Another cause for this problem to happen is because of the antivirus program installed in the Windows, or because of the Windows Defender. This program can prevent your game or block the SKSE64 from working. That’s because, at times, it recognizes your game as a threat.
  • One of the primary causes for this issue to happen is the Firewalls present in Win. These stop a few of the gaming parts from connecting with your server. Because of this reason, your game is unable to open correctly.
  • However, this issue can also take place because the Mods that you’ve already installed are reasoning the error. Generally, when the users update their game, the Mods will not function. Thus, to make them work correctly, you need to update your Mods as well.
  • When you update your Skyrim game, then the previous SKSE will not function. For working correctly, you need to update it also, or you can roll your game back to the earlier version.

So, these are the causes that frequently cause this issue. Now, let’s see the fixes to this error.

How Can You Fix This Issue ?

Before carrying out the suggested troubleshooting methods for this particular issue, we recommend that you try to reboot the PC first. It’ll refresh your OS and also remove the corrupt temporary data and is quite helpful in resolving most program related problems. Numerous things can reason this particular error ranging from interference from your antivirus software to the faulty Mod. The following are the suggested troubleshooting methods you have to carry out for solving this issue:

Method#1: Grant Access In Your Firewall

In a few cases, your Windows Firewall can block certain parts of your game from making contact with your servers, which results in your game not being capable of running properly. Therefore, in this method, we’re gonna add the exception for your game in your Windows firewall.

  • Fist, click Start Menu > choose Settings.
  • Inside the settings window, click Updates and Security.
  • Choose Windows Security from your left side pane.
  • Then, click the Firewall and Network Protection.
  • Choose Allow an app through the firewall.
  • Click Change Settings for granting the essential permissions.

Change Settings

  • Then, simply allow the Skyrim and all the Skyrim related apps through both Private and Public networks.

private public

  • Make certain to allow Steam as well.
  • Click OK > run your game > check if the issue persists.

Method#2: Enabling The Skyrim On Antivirus Program Or Windows Defender On The PC

The users of Windows make use of antivirus program or Windows Defender for protecting the PC from any threats. However, at times such a program can block your game and even the SKSE64 from working. It can occur because of the fact that your Antivirus or your Windows Defender frequently identifies the app as a threat. So, for stopping this from taking place, you need to add the exclusion to the antivirus program and your Windows Defender.

  • First, open Start menu > click Settings.
  • Within the opened window, you need to choose Update and Security.
  • Then, from your left side pane, you need to choose the Windows Security option.
  • Now, click Virus & threat protection.

Virus & threat protection

  • Then, you need to choose Manage Settings.
  • Now, scroll down this window > find the Exclusion heading. Under that heading, you need to choose Add or Remove Exclusion.
  • Choose Add an Exclusion > click the Folder option.

Add an Exclusion

  • Then, you need to add the Skyrim folder installation.

Now, run the Skyrim app and check if the problem is resolved or not. If not, then you can move onto the next method.

Method#3: Roll Back The Game Version

If your game updates, the SKSE64 does not work with the updated game. Frequently, the SKSE64 also gets an update from the developers, but in case it has not yet, then you can simply try rolling back the game version. For that:

  • First of all, navigate to site.
  • Enter Skyrim in the search bar > hit Enter.


  • Note down the number of APPID shown before the listing of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Click the number, and a new page will appear > inside this; simply click Depot.
  • A new page will appear, note the ID listed behind your Skyrim Special Edition exe.
  • Click that number for opening up a new page.
  • Inside that new page, click Manifests.
  • Note the number that is older than that date when the new update was provided. For instance, if the update was provided five days ago, note the number that was listed more than five days ago.
  • Right-click Steam launcher shortcut on your desktop > choose Properties.
  • In the targeted windows, enter –console after the formerly written text ends without space.


  • After applying all these changes, open the steam through this shortcut > click Console.
  • Inside the window, enter download-depot (Depot Id number) (App Id number) (manifest id number) > hit Enter.
  • The folder in which your older version is being downloaded will be shown on this console.
  • Once the download is completed, go to that folder > copy the exe downloaded there.
  • Then, simply paste that executable inside your game installation folder > choose Copy & Replace.
  • It’ll now revert your game back to its older version.


SKSE64 not working issue is an extremely maddening one as it doesn’t permit the users to play games unless they fix it. So, follow the methods mentioned above for resolving the issue as fast as possible and continue with the adventure in Skyrim. These methods are extremely simple and easy; thus, you’ll have no issue in implementing them.

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