Skyrim Failed To Initialize Renderer

When you’re gonna play any game like the Skyrim, you might bump into the Skyrim failed to initialize renderer error, which is completely displeasure, right? But do not be anxious! It is not a hard one to resolve.

What Is The Skyrim Failed To Initialize Renderer Error?

The PC programs utilize the image synthesis for automatically generating something non-photorealistic or photorealistic from a 3D or 2D model. The resultant display is known as a render. Whenever you run a game, its engine checks the information of the video card, evaluating the kind of tech it supports. Furthermore, the game engine decides what it’ll initialize for the card. So, if you experience an error message, it denotes that the game failed to read the video card properly. Here’re a few of the possible errors you will face:

  • Failed to init render module
  • Failed to initialize renderer


You can try these solutions for resolving this issue. You do not have to try them all; simply work the way down until it resolves the issue.

Fix#1: Power Cycling The PC

Before we jump for making any technical changes to your game or the graphics hardware, it’s always shrewd to totally power cycle the PC and checks if it resolves the issue. Well, power cycling is a step of switching off a PC completely and then on. Causes for this act comprise having an electrical device reinitialize its set of parameters of configurations or recover from the unresponsive module or state. It’s also utilized for resetting all your network configurations as they are all lost when you switch the laptop off.

For power-cycling the laptop it shuts down correctly and removes all the cables from it. Next, eliminate the battery correctly and detach it. Hit the Power button for a minute. Now, wait for about two to three minutes before plugging its battery back in. The cause for removing the battery is to ensure that all the capacitors are properly discharged and all the present data stored in the RAM is gone. After turning your laptop on, see if the issue got fixed.

In case of a computer, properly shut it down, remove all the modules, and remove the main power wire. Now after waiting for the needed time, plug all back in and see if it fixed the error.

Fix#2: Install The Updated Patches

The developers of the game always launch the updated updates for resolving bugs, so you ought to check whether any game updates are available, and download the updated patches for resolving these bugs. After updating the game to the updated version, restart the PC and run it again.

Fix#3: Launching In The Windowed Mode

An easy solution which works for a lot of the individuals is launching any game in the Windowed mode. It’s probable that the resolution you’re attempting to open Skyrim in isn’t supported or your game is incapable of scaling itself up to that size.

  • Open your Skyrim launcher > click Options from the main screen.

Skyrim Failed To Initialize Renderer

  • Then, tick the Windowed Mode checkbox from the bottom of your screen.

windowed mode

You can also attempt to tweak such resolution and check if it makes any change.

  • Hit Apply and your game ought to apply changes automatically. Next, run the game and see if the issue got fixed.

Tip: Users recommended that switching windowed mode on & off also tended to fix the issue.

Fix#4: Update Your Graphics Card Driver

This error can be reasoned by the graphics card driver problem, as the graphics card driver is quite significant for the inter-communicating between your games and your video card and programs. So if your graphics card driver is outdated or missing, you will get this issue. Updating your graphics card driver can really fix solve the problem.

Now there’re two methods through which you can update your drivers: either automatically or manually. In manually, you need to personally download all the needed drivers after looking for it at the official manufacturer’s site. Before updating your drivers, we’ll see if installing the default drivers fixes the issue for us.

  • First, boot into the Safe mode > enter devmgmt.msc in the dialogue box > hit Enter. Here go to Display Adapters > right-click the adapter > choose Uninstall Device.

Uninstall Device

  • Boot the PC into normal mode> hit Windows key + R button > enter msc in the dialogue box > hit Enter. Most likely, your default drivers will be installed. If not then right-click on any vacant space > choose Scan for the hardware changes. Now see if the Skyrim functions. If it does without any issues, great. If it does not then continue.
  • Now there’re two choices. Either you can look online for the updated driver accessible for the hardware from the official manufacturer’s site and install them manually, or you can allow the Windows install the updated version itself, automatically look for the updates.

search automatically

  • We’ll have a glance at manually installing the drivers. Right-click on the hardware > choose Update driver > choose the first option automatically look for the latest driver software > select the 2nd option if you’re manually updating > choose Browse for the driver > go to the location where you have downloaded them.
  • Restart the PC after installing your drivers, run Skyrim, and see if this fixes the issue.

Fix#5: Deleting The Game Files

You can also try to delete a few game preferences and then try to run your game. When your game spots that there’re no preferences there, it’ll automatically make new default ones for running your game with.

  • Completely close your game > go to the directory where the Steam is installed and delete the folder named appcache. It will automatically make it the next time it starts up.
  • Now, navigate to the Skyrim directory. The default location is: C:\Users\”User name”\Documents\MyGames

Skyrim directory

  • Now remove the ‘Skyrim.ini,’ and ‘SkyrimPrefs.ini’ files.


  • Shut down the PC. After it’s been shut down for a few minutes, switch it on and see if you can run your game without any issues.

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