Solutions To Resolve The srttrail.txt Error With Automatic Repair Loop

People try utilizing the automatic repair loop tool in an effort for in repairing certain system failures and Automatic Repair tool Windows 10 is seemingly not capable of launching. Upon attempting to access your Automatic Repair, people get an issue regarding the srttrail.txt file.

What Is The srttrail.txt Error ?

Windows 10 comes with the automatic repair utility that tries to resolve the startup failure issues. However, the repair may not succeed, and you will receive the srttrail.txt BSOD issue (also recognized as the Machine_Check_Exception Blue Screen Of Death issue). When the problem happens, you will be given two options: ‘Advanced repair’ and ‘System shutdown’. Selecting the advanced repair ought to boot the system in the Safe Mode. But instead, it directs to a continuous startup-shutdown loop.Is your Clownfish Not Working ? solve it now

What Are The Causes Of This Error?

The following is a complete list of the possible reasons:

  • Hardware problems (like implementing some incompatible hardware or the power supply overload)
  • Installing some corrupt software
  • Malware infection that reasons corruption in the Windows Registry

A lot of people have also reported this srttrail.txt problem after installing the version 1809 of Windows 10 on their computers. And the Microsoft has resolved it in their newest update.

Working Solutions:

Below, we have mentioned some of the best working fixes for resolving this srttrail.txt issue on windows 10 system.

Fix#1: Troubleshoot With The Command Prompt

Since the Automatic Repair is a utility which more often than not handles the startup problems, it may be utilized for coping with the boot for resolving this srttrail.txt problem. There’re numerous quite helpful commands which may assist you in getting rid of this issue and possibly even eradicate the option of repairing the computer at all.Do you know u can solve Default Gateway Is Not Available Error quickly

  • Go to the login screen of Windows > click the Power button > press the shift button while clicking Restart for entering into the Boot Options.
  • Select Troubleshoot > go to Advanced options > click Command Prompt.
  • When CMD window opens, simply enter the ‘bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd’, ‘bootrec.exe /fixmbr’, and ‘bootrec.exe /fixboot’ lines and make certain to press Enter after entering each command if you desire to execute it.


  • A lot of people have stated that the commands mentioned above were capable of resolving the boot of the system, and they got rid of this particular issue once and for all. While you’re still in the CMD window, execute the ‘chkdsk /r c:’, and ‘chkdsk /r d:’ commands for checking the disk for issues.
  • Note that you’ll need to acquaint just what are the letters corresponding to the hard drive partitions you have and the letters d: and c: are the common ones for every system. If you’re not certain about the drive letters of the computer, you can check them while still in CMD window by simply running the ‘diskpart’, and ‘DISKPART> list volume’ commands and hitting Enter after each command.
  • The commands mentioned above ought to display the list of all your drive partitions on the PC, so utilize the letters corresponding to the ones you have in the chkdsk.

Fix#2: Running Command Prompt Through The Safe Mode

A lot of times, Windows 10 srttrail.txt issue may reason because of a bad driver, for instance, the wireless Logitech mice. In such a case, you might follow this workaround:

  • When the Boot Options Menu emerges while numerous tries of rebooting, choose Troubleshoot > click the Advanced Options.
  • When a new page opens, simply click the Startup Settings section.
  • Now, simply click Restart. This time the PC will prompt you to select an option from the shown list. Choose the Enable Safe Mode with Networking option.
  • Once your system boots in the safe mode, simply download the updates of the driver, which is troubling you. In case you’ve failed in getting the updated driver, then simply attempt to grab it from the manufacturer company.
  • Now, enter CMD in Cortana search box > right-click the first matched option > choose Run as admin.
  • When CMD window rolls onto your display screen, enter the ‘DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth’ command after blinking cursor > hit Enter.
  • The procedure might take some time to complete. Once it is done, restart the PC.
  • Finally, when the computer boots again, install your driver you have downloaded.

Hopefully, it’ll fix the Windows 10 srttrail.txt issue. If you’re facing issues in locating the bad driver, then you can try this method by skipping (step#4 and step#8).

Fix#3: Disable The Early Launch Antimalware Protection

This fix is a fairly simple one, but this bugged a lot of people before they finally disabled this option. Please follow these instructions for resolving the srttrail.txt problem.

  • Go to the login screen of Windows and click the Power button. Hold the shift button while clicking Restart for entering the Boot Options.
  • When your Boot Menu comes up, go to Troubleshoot > click on Advanced Options > navigate to Startup Settings.
  • The computer ought to reboot and start to the options list for you to select.
  • Select the number next to Disable early launch anti-malware protection and restart the PC.

Fix#4: Disabling The Automatic Startup Repair

It is the simplest fix for fixing the srttrail.txt problem.

  • While your computer attempts to reboot few times, you’ll see the Boot Menu. Access it when it emerges.
  • Select Troubleshoot > hit Advanced Options.
  • After that, choose Command Prompt from the options list that emerges on your computer screen.
  • Once CMD window comes in sight, enter the ‘bcdedit /set {default} recoveryenabled No’ command.
  • For executing this command simply hit Enter key.

Now, give a try and attempt to run the Windows 10.

Fix#5: Hardware Problems

If you have recently added or installed any new hardware to the PC, it might be reasoning system instability and issue like the srttrail.txt with Automatic Repair. Conversely, even the old devices like the RAM, and hard drive, etc., might be reasoning such problems. Let’ begin diagnosing just what may be reusing such issues.

  • Begin by simply removing all the external devices from the PC except the keyboard and mouse. If this fixes the problem, reconnect your devices one by one and see just which device might be problematic.
  • If you own more than one Random Access Memory stick, then attempt to remove one of them and starting the PC. If this resolves the problem, contemplate replacing the flawed memory stick.
  • Remove the external storage devices like the external HDD or the Solid State Drive and check if the problem is gone.
  • Contemplate repairing or replacing any of your devices that were flawed to start with since things might just get worse if you keep them connected to the PC.

Fix#6: Fix The Registry Problems

Registry problems are always hard to deal with, particularly when they’re reasoning issues like srttrail.txt. A Registry is a weak place, and changing anything without supervision can direct to permanent changes to the PC. Fortunately, you can restore the windows registry to its previous condition by utilizing the registry copy your Windows generates itself.

  • Go to the login screen of Windows and click the Power button. Hold the shift button while clicking Restart for entering the Boot Options.
  • When Boot Menu emerges, go to Troubleshoot > choose Advanced Options > click on Command Prompt.
  • Enter the ‘copy c:\windows\system32\config\RegBack* c:\windows\system32\config’ command and make certain to press Enter for executing it:
  • If a message appears asking you whether you desire to overwrite the existing files, simples select to overwrite all > hit Enter.
  • Reboot the PC and check if the problem has been fixed.

We hope that these fixes we have mentioned above will help you resolve the automatic repair loop issue successfully on the windows system.

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