Easy Solutions To Fix The Steam Download Stopping Issue

A lot of users have experienced a problem of the downloading process stopping arbitrarily, and beginning again in a few minutes. This problem has persisted over several years and up to this date; a lot of users still report facing such issues. It’s extremely wrong to state that this problem has one unique fix. Because of unique software and hardware specs that the users have, the Steam Download Stopping error can be reasoned owing to numerous reasons. At times even installing Steam again does not work. In this post, we’ve provided all the fixes that seemed to work for the people. Please utilize them from the top and work the way to the end.

Why’s The Steam Download Stopping ?

There’re, in fact, a few possible factors behind this error. It can be owing to the conflicting 3rd-party applications, system time and date zone discrepancies, particular Windows services, or outdated network drivers. So, there is not essentially one solution that’s guaranteed to resolve this issue for all the users. These are a few of the solutions that have solved Steam downloads for a few users.Do Fix Failure Configuring Windows Updates

What Should You Do If the Steam Download Stops Randomly?

Solution#1: Reconnect The Steam Client To Internet

The primary thing you ought to try for resolving the Steam Download Stopping problem is to reconnect the client to the Internet. Here’s how you can do so:

  • On the Steam client, click on Steam from the upper-left corner > click on Go Offline.

steam download stopping

  • Then, click on the Restart In The Offline Mode > wait for the Steam client to start again.

restart steam in offline mode

  • Now, click on the Steam from the upper left corner of the client > click on Go Online option.

steam go online

  • Click Restart And Go Online option > wait for the Steam client to start again.

Restart go online steam

Now check if it has solved the download issues. Hopefully, it has. But if not, there’re still a few other solutions you can try.

Solution#2: Closing All The Unwanted Apps

Before we go to other technical solutions, we’ll see if any external program is reasoning the irregularity in your Steam’s downloads. A lot of apps are recognized to interfere with Steam like Skype, CCleaner, and other unwanted programs. Below is the technique to end all the unwanted apps.

  • Open the Task Manager by pressing windows button + R key at the same time. It ought to pop-up the Run app.
  • In the opened dialogue box, type in taskmgr. It should invoke your task manager.

  • End all the unwanted processes like the web browser, Skype, and updaters, etc. Restart the Steam utilizing the steam.exe, and hopefully, it’ll work as anticipated.

Solution#3: Change The Download Region

You can also resolve the Steam download problem by changing the download region. To do this:

  • On the Steam client, first, click on the Steam from the upper left corner of the window > Settings > Downloads.

steam settings

  • Now, click on the drop-down menu of the Download Region > select a region that isn’t in your country > click OK.

steam country

Then see if this solution has restored the speed of Steam download. If not, you might have to try a diverse download region. If changing the region of download does not help, then you ought to try the following solution to solve the Steam Download Stopping error.

Solution#4: Matching The Time & Time Zone

There might be a conflict between the time in the system and the time zone set. As we all acquaint, the Steam works by gathering the real-time data from the computer along with a timestamp. If it notices an irregularity, it’s bound to collide or show unexpected issues.

  • Click on the Windows button > enter in Control Panel. From the results > click on Control Panel to open it.
  • From the categories list, select Date & time.
  • Then, from the three tabs, select Internet Time > click on Change Settings option.
  • Check the Synchronize with the net time server dialogue box > click on Update now > OK after your time is successfully updated > restart your Steam.

Solution#5: Limiting The Network Bandwidth

If you face variations in the network connection while downloading some stuff, is it recommended to limit the bandwidth from the Steam? Select a decent speed, one not too low or too high.

  • First, open the Steam Client > utilize the option Run as Admin when opening.
  • Then, click Steam from the upper left corner > choose Settings.

  • Now, go to the Downloads tab. You’ll see ‘Limit Bandwidth to’ option.

limit bandwidth steam

  • When you click it, you will see a drop-down window. Here you can find several speed options. Select a speed according to the speed offered by the internet service provider.
  • Then, close your Steam and open it again. The problem with Steam Downloads will be resolved.

Solution#6: Disable The Antivirus Temporarily

The antivirus program or firewall can at times reason interference to your network connection of the Steam client. To check if that is the case, disable the firewall temporarily and check if the issue remains. (You might have to consult the firewall documentation for steps on disabling it.)

If it fixes the problem, you can append the Steam client to the white-list of the firewall. You can call the vendor of the firewall and ask them for some recommendation. Or you can install some other antivirus program.


Owing to the differences in PC’s software and hardware systems, no single way can resolve the Steam Download Stopping issue. There’re different methods, and some of them are stated above. Hopefully, these ways will be helpful and assist all the users in resolving these problems.Solve Wi-Fi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration

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