How To Fix The Steam Missing File Privileges Error?

It can be extremely worrying to get the Steam Missing File Privileges error when attempting to accept a gifted game, move a present from one account to the other, or just when attempting to run particular games. Albeit the range of causes for showing this issue can differ a lot, we found a few helpful fixes for you to try. The fixes we will talk about in this post begin from the least to the invasive, so we recommend that you try out all of them, until the issue is gone.

Solutions To Fix The Steam Missing File Privileges Issue :

Here we give you with the most potential solutions that can fix this issue. We suggest that you read the entire post before trying any of the given fixes so that you can select the best solution suited for the system.

Solution#1: End The igfxEm Module In Your Task Manager

The igfxEm is one of the software parts comprised in the Intel Common UI. This program comes as a standard package with the installation of MS Windows and the graphics card drivers. This program acts as a type of middleware that resides between the Intel Graphics and user. This part allows people to see and adjust the settings and characteristics of the Graphic card utilizing the provided graphical user interface.

Intel Graphics Executable Main Module is the full form of igfxEm. This execution file is from an extremely reliable website and comprised a signed digital signature, therefore is totally non-harmful for the system. The file isn’t a Windows core file and not noticeable; it exists in the fixed place, which is C:\\Windows\System32\igdxEm.exe.

We are stating the exact place because, in case you found the execution file somewhere else, beware because it most likely is a damaging malware. Since this procedure is responsible for graphics processes, it’s suggested that stopping and starting this service again might fix the issue you are facing.

  • First of all, hit the Windows + R button > enter taskmgr in the run dialogue box > click OK or press Enter.

steam missing file privileges

  • When your task manager window appears, navigate to processes > search for igfxEm.

task manager

  • Once you’ve located the service, right-click on it and choose end the process > start the Steam client again as admin and begin downloading your game again and check if the steam issue is fixed.

Solution#2: Change Your Downloading Region

Technically, your Steam content system is divided into diverse regions. The Steam client can detect what region you are in automatically and sets that regain as default. There’re times when a few servers have the overload issue, hence this particular steam error. If that is the case, we can change your download region for making things work smoothly again:

  • Launch Steam > click on Steam > go to Settings.

steam settings

  • Click on Downloads > change the downloading region from the drop-down list > click OK.

download region

  • Re-update/download your game and check if it works now.

Solution#3: Rebooting The Computer

At times, something as simple as restarting the computer might be the fix to your issue. It can be an extremely potential fix as the PC may sometimes experience minute technical issues that might not be noticeable but are reasoning such problems. When steam is updating or downloading a game, it has several processes running simultaneously.

Whenever you’re downloading or updating a game in the steam, the program divides the data of such games into small pieces of one MB and then assembles such parts so that they can carry out their roles properly. Steam utilized this technique for avoiding corrupt downloads and also to save the correct amount of bandwidth.

So, we suggest restarting the PC to check whether the Steam Missing File Privileges error gets fixed. We also strongly recommend that you evade running any other program or software while steam is updating or downloading, for preventing any interference with the update or download process.

Solution#4: Repair The Steam Library Folder

A misconfigured/corrupted Steam library folder may also be to blame for this steam error. We may need to repair the folder to check if that clears the issue:

  • Restart the PC > open Steam.
  • Click on Steam > go to Settings.

steam settings

  • Click on Downloads > go to the steam library folders.

steam library

  • Right-click inside the opened Window > click on the Repair Library Folder option.

repair library

  • Try the update/install again and hopefully this time it works.

Solution#5: Grant Admin With Privileges To The Steam

For performing flawlessly, Steam needs two things that are to Write on and Read the PC system. It might interfere mostly when the system treats steam like a Read Only software. Which essentially denotes steam won’t be capable of writing on the diverse files and therefore seizes up while trying to Update or Download the program which comprises writing on the PC. So, if this is the cause, then the best fix we can try is to give steam the Admin Privileges.

  • Launch the Steam directory from its default place which is C:\Program Files\Steam. In case you’ve installed it in some other custom directory then go to that path.
  • Once you’ve reached your Steam folder, right-click on > choose Properties > navigate to Security > click on the Advanced option.


advanced options

  • In the next window, edit the first four rows and give the complete folder control.
  • For editing a row, Click on it > click the Edit button. A new window will appear which comprises all the available options. Check all the checkboxes comprising the Full Control > click Apply for saving all the changes > close everything. Do the same for all the four editable rows.

security scan

  • Open steam > right-click > choose Run as admin > check whether the Steam Missing File Privileges issue has fixed or not.

Solution#6: Verify The Integrity Of The Game Cache

This solution is to confirm that our game files are not corrupted. To do this:

  • Click on library.


  • Then, right-click on your game that gives the issue > select Properties.
  • Click on local files > choose verify the integrity of the game cache.

local files

  • It may take a little time for the Steam to confirm the game files. Do not be anxious if you see one or more files might fail to verify; you can securely overlook it.
  • Hope this solution has successfully resolved this Steam error for you.

Solution#7: Giving Complete Control To The Affected File

The same issue as the one stated above can happen with the affected file in your steam directory. You can go to the particular file in your steam folder and then give it complete access so that the issue can be fixed fast without the need of granting the full permission to each file in the folder. To utilize this solution, you have to locate the exact file that’s affected by this issue. The path to the place of that affected file will be stated with the error message. So you do not need to search anywhere for that.

  • Go to the exact path by utilizing the Run app, or you can go to the path yourself. Another way you can locate the steam client directory is to navigate to the library in steam > right-clicking on the game showing the issue > choosing properties. The location will be available there.

exact location

  • Once you’ve found the file that’s affected by this problem, pursue the same steps stated in the Solution#5 for granting complete administrator privileges and access to the particular file.
  • Restart the Steam > check whether this steam issue persists.

Final Words:

These are the proven and best solutions that you can utilize for fixing the Steam Missing File Privileges problem. Be certain to go through the steps cautiously before trying any of such solutions for avoiding any mistakes. We hope that such solutions helped you to fix the issues you are experiencing with the steam client.

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