System Service Exception Facing Error In Windows 10 ? Fix it

Are you facing the BSOD System Service Exception on your windows system? Nothing is frightening, in the Windows system world! But do not be anxious. You are not the only one, and (fortunately) you are not stuck with it forever. The BSOD System Service Exception issue is quite common, but this exception issue is also usually quite easy to resolve.

What Exactly Is The System Service Exception Problem ?

The System Service Exception problem occurs for a few causes: corrupted system files, graphics UI errors, and issues with corrupt or outdated drivers amongst others. Given that there’s such an assortment of possible causes of this exception error, there’re also numerous ways for resolving the problem. A few might fix Windows system issues, while the others won’t.Facing Modern Setup Host High Disk Usage ? solve it also

The major strategy is to update the drivers and checking the Windows 10 system file for issues, but you ought to work through the fixes given below until this exception error goes for good.

System Service Exception

Causes Why This BSOD Problem Occurs :

This BSOD exception error could happen on the Windows system because of numerous reasons, including:

  • Corrupted Windows files system.
  • Malware, viruses, or other malicious software.
  • Buggy updates of Windows.
  • Outdated, damaged, or incompatible driver.

Ways To Resolve This BSOD Error On Windows 10 :

If you require fast windows 10 BSOD fix or need windows to stop code problem, then you ought to work through the fixes given below until the System Service Exception vanishes for good.

Method#1: Update Your Windows 10

Outdated files system in Windows 10 also causes system exception issue. So you have to first check that the Windows 10 is completely updated. You can also check if there are any pending updates, for that;

  • Press Windows logo button + I key to launch the Settings panel.
  • Now, here locate the Update and Security, a new window will emerge.


  • Click on the 1st option Windows Update for any update that is pending.
  • If there’s any update, get them > hit Restart now.

The system will restart during this process. Conversely, if the system does not need an update, you’ll see you are the up-to-date sign.

Method#2: Run The System File Checker

The BSOD System Service Exception error could also be reasoned by faulty or corrupt system files. To check if it is the issue, utilize File System Checker. It’ll recognize and replace any corrupt files. To run it:

  • From the keyboard, press the Windows + S key simultaneously > enter in cmd > right-click Command Prompt > click on Run as admin.

CMD Run As Admin

  • Enter in ‘chkdsk /f /r’ (no quotes) > hit Enter from the keyboard.

CMD Type

  • Hit Y from the keyboard.

  • Restart the system. Wait for the scans to end (it can take up to fifteen to twenty minutes).
  • Check if the exception issue is gone.

Method#3: Install Official Windows Hotfix

For this problem, there’s an official Windows hotfix. However, the hotfix relates to an end code that delineates a particular System Service Exception problem. The end code is 0x0000003B, and it relates to the IEEE 1394 devices; in simple words, FireWire and similar well-known versions of the standard interface.

  • Go to the MS hotfix page and choose the Hotfix Download link. Pursue the onscreen instructions (needs email details to send the application to you). When it arrives in the account (it’s instantaneous).
  • Once the download process is done, double-click on the file. The file auto-extraction proposes C:/ as the default place. However, we’d append hotfix to the path, (e.g., C:/hotfix) to make it simpler to locate the unpacked file. Then, go to the extracted file > right-click on it and choose run as admin to complete the procedure.

Method#4: Uninstall 3rd Party Antivirus Remover Program Or Recently Installed Software From The System

If any fix is fixing the System Service Exception issue, then you can begin by deleting any spyware remover application. If you have any free virus remover like AVG Antivirus, Smadav Antivirus, Avira Antivirus Pro or Avast Premiere Antivirus then uninstall them all. Or you can also remove newly installed software; uninstall them until this error resolves. A few programs have an annoying habit of reasoning certain system process to collapse.If you are facing Failed To Initialize Steam solve it

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