Solve If Taskbar Showing In Fullscreen

Google Chrome is a free web browser made by Google. It was first launched in 2008 for Microsoft Win and gradually made the way to all other OSs. It has fifty-four percent market shares amongst all the net platforms, and such a figure is anticipated to increase in the future. No matter how well-liked a program may be, it also encounters a few technicalities. One of them being that your taskbar shows while you play some Youtube video in the full-screen mode. Originally when you utilize full screen on the browser, the video occupies the entire screen. The taskbar is not really supposed to be there at all. Here’s how you can fix the taskbar showing in fullscreen issue:

Fix#1: Override The High DPI Scaling Behavior In The Google Chrome

We can attempt to override the High scaling DPI behavior in Google Chrome. A lot of people stated that it resulted in a rapid fix to the issue.

  • First, right-click the Chrome from the taskbar > right-click on it again > choose Properties from the options list that appears.
  • Once there properties, go to Compatibility from the top of your screen.
  • In Settings, check Override high DPI scaling behavior line.

dpi setting

  • Click on Apply for saving the changes > exit.

Restart Google Chrome and see if the issue got fixed.

Fix#2: Restart The Explorer.exe For Resolving The Taskbar Showing In Fullscreen Problem

The file explorer, also known as Explorer.exe is the file manager app comprised in the Microsoft Win OS releases. It’s a GUI (Graphical User Interface) application which assists you in simply accessing the file system. It’s the central medium of going in any Win machine and without it; the entire computing experience may change. A lot of people stated that rebooting the File Explorer resolved their problem. It might be related to some bug whereupon the reboot, it gets fixed.

  • Hit Win + R buttons for invoking the Run app > enter taskmgr in the search bar for opening the system’s task manager.


  • Click Processes from the top of your window.
  • Then, find the task of Win Explorer from the processes list > click it > hit Restart from the bottom-left side of your window.

taskbar showing in fullscreen

Check if the problem got fixed.

Fix#3: Turn The Visual Effects Off

It’s not new progress that Win visual effects can conflict with any app and compels it to act in strange manners. We observed how the fullscreen option in YouTube was still displaying the Win taskbar. We can attempt to disable the system’s visual effects and see if the issue gets resolved. If it does not, you can always switch them on.

  • Hit Win + R buttons for opening the Run dialog box > enter control panel for opening the system’s Control Panel.
  • Once there in Control Panel, click System and Security option. It ought to be the first entry in the Control Panel.


  • Once there, choose System.

choose system

  • Then, click Advanced system settings from the left side of your screen. A new window will open. Go to the Advanced tab.
  • Once there, click Settings from the Performance category.

system setting

  • Check the Adjust for performance option > save the changes > exit.

adjust performance

It’ll disable all the graphic details comprising the aero theme from the computer. Reboot the Google chrome and see if the taskbar showing in fullscreen issue got fixed.

Note: In a lot of cases, all the fixes listed need the PC to restart. If there’s no effect and the issue still persists, restart the computer and attempt to run the Google Chrome as an admin.

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