Fixes To Resolve The Requested Operation Requires Elevation Error!

A few users of Windows got the requested operation requires elevation error when attempting to open the files from some external drive. It is really bothersome when you simply do not acquaint how to resolve it at all. Not to be anxious. It is a simple issue to work out. Here in this post, we’ll be showing you how you can really resolve it on the Windows step by step.

What Is The Reason Of The Requested Operation Requires Elevation Error?

The advanced UAC (User Access Control) introduced in the more recent OSs such as Win 7, Win Vista, Win 2008 and Win 2008 R2 will not permit the members of the Admin group for installing the software in silent mode; it’s limited to the default admin. You’ll receive this error when you have specified a user who’s an admin group member in the Run As option while describing the configuration of Install Software.Solve File Explorer Not Responding

How Can You Resolve This Issue ?

Luckily, there’re a few quick solutions you can really carry out so you can get the admin rights on your own PC and fix the problem. These easy solutions are as follows:

Fix#1: Switching Off The User Account Control

Manage Engine suggests switching off the User Account Control (UAC) feature as a workaround for this error. Here is how you can do this:

  • First of all, navigate to the Control Panel by simply hitting the Win button then entering Control Panel in the search bar.

  • Now, in your Control Panel window, navigate to the User Accounts.

user accounts

  • For your Windows 7, click on the UAC (User Account Control) Settings. For Win Vista, select the option of switch user account settings off or on.
  • Next, simply drag and then choose the Never Notify option from the control level > click OK after that. For the Win Vista, however, you need to uncheck the utilize UAC (User Account Control) for protecting the PC option > click OK.
  • Reboot the PC and check if the problem is no longer present.

This solution is appropriate for the failed program installation as well as the missing network path. If this solution did not resolve your issue, you ought to try out the other solutions mentioned below.

Fix#2: Run The Program As Admin

If you’re facing the requested operation requires elevation issue when running some command on your CMD black window or you’re trying to open ac system file, it’s possible that your PC is not permitting you to access because you do not have any admin rights.

You can attempt to re-launch the app utilizing the Run as admin option > check if you still get this issue. In such a case, we’d hit the Win + S button > enter command prompt in the search bar. When the similar search results appear, we’ll right-click the command prompt option > choose Run as admin. Now you can simply run the commands such as netstat –anb etc. without any obstacles. This fix also applies to all apps which give you the problem. Simply right-click the app > choose Run as admin.Solve Audio Services Not Responding

run as admin

Fix#3: Change The Ownership Of The Files

If you’re facing the issue while trying to access a few files, either on the PC or the hard drive, we can attempt to change the ownership of such files. Changing the ownership of any folder/file can make you the owner and the PC allows you to access the files and do any action which might need the admin access. This fix is also right for the users who have backed up their data on some external drive, and after changing PCs, they faced the issue whenever they tried to access that drive.

In such a case, you can simply change the ownership of your external drive by simply right-clicking on the drive> choosing Properties > going to security > you can simply follow those instructions of how you can normally change the ownership, and you’ll be fine to go. You can also manually change the ownership while there’s also an option for appending a change ownership button to the context menu if you experience this issue frequently.

change ownership

Fix#4: Disable Your Administrative Approval Mode For The Built-in Admin

If you came across an issue after updating the Win to the newest version, it’s possible that your system automatically enabled the Administrator Approval for built-in Admin option. It denotes that the PC will ask your permission when you desire to perform the admin tasks even if you’re an admin yourself. Such a policy can be found in group policy editor, and we can attempt to change it.

  • Hit Win + R key for launching the Run app > enter gpedit.msc in the run search bar > hit Enter. It’ll open up your local group policy editor.

Note: The local group policy editor is a great tool and needs great care if you’re handling it for the very first time. Do not change anything which you do not have any idea about and stick to the directions.

  • Once in your editor, go to the following file path utilizing the navigational pane found at your left side of your screen: Computer Configuration > go to Windows Settings > navigate to Security Settings > open Local Policies > go to Security Options.

security options

  • Now, on your right side of your window, you’ll be capable of seeing a few things. Scroll down to the bottom and search for the User Account Control (UAC): Administrator Approval Mode for the Built-in Admin account In Security options tab > double-click on it for launching the properties.
  • Then, set the Disabled option > hit Ok for saving the changes > exit.

The Requested Operation Requires Elevation

Reboot the PC for the changes to succeed and see if the requested operation requires elevation issue went away.


Luckily, this error message is not a serious risk to the computer. It just appears when the users are needed to have the admin rights for running a program or opening up a file. By following the fixes mentioned above, you can simply resolve the problem right away.

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