Fix Unable To Initialize Steam Api Now

Steam is an amazing gaming platform accessible. It is utilized by almost all the computer gamers out there because of its features. The Steam Client permits you to become a part of your Steam community aside from being capable of downloading & installing games. But since nothing’s great, even the very strong Steam Client can face problems. And one of the most prominent issues found on this gaming platform is unable to initialize steam API error message.

A lot of users of Steam have reported an issue related to steam API. Therefore, today we’re here to demonstrate to you How you can really resolve this problem. You’ll find out more about this issue as well as its possible reasons. After that, you’ll also discover several step by step guides which will help you in solving this problem in Steam.

What Are The Reasons Of This Unable To Initialize Steam API Error Message?

The unable to initialize steam API problem is a big one, and the reason for it varies almost from one game to the other. However, the most common reasons which can be seen the most online can be put in a small list, so make certain you read it out below:

  • The Comodo Internet Security might have put your game on the list of Auto-Containment which has bugged almost everybody trying to run a Steam game with the installed antivirus.
  • The firewall may be blocking the executable file of your game from connecting to your Internet, reasoning this issue.
  • Steam beta customers are recognized to have reasoned this problem is a few builds, so it is at times for the best to stick with the standard public client.

How Can You Troubleshoot This Error ?

Now that we acquaint the possible reasons that can show the unable to initialize steam API issue. Let’s find out how you can resolve this error:

Solution#1: Edit The Antivirus And Firewall Settings

  • For getting rid of the unable to initialize steam API error, first of all, click the Start menu > select the cog-wheel button for entering the Settings of your windows operating system.


  • Next, select Update & Security > go to the Windows Security > open Network and Firewall Protection > simply allow an application through the firewall.

Allow app

  • After selecting this option, all you have to carry out is to locate Steam (or the game that is problematic) in the list and set it to be permitted to go through your windows firewall, by ticking both the In-n-Out checkboxes.
  • Finally, click OK for permitting the PC to restart and apply all the settings you have just made.

Solution#2: Opt Out Of The Steam Beta Projects & Launch Your Steam Again

For the ones who do not acquaint, the Steam Beta sends you newest updates but also has unfinished or buggy programs. Follow these simple steps for opting out of all the Steam beta programs and fix the unable to initialize steam API issue. And for doing so:

  • First of all, open the Steam computer client.
  • Then, tap the Steam icon (from the menu to the top of your client’s screen). Select Settings.
  • Here in the Settings window, from the left side panel, select Account > click on Change (you can find this option under the section of Beta participation).

Change beta

  • A new window will appear, check under the Beta participation > click for opening the drop-down menu > choose the Note – opt out of all beta projects option > click Apply.
  • For killing all the programs related to Steam, hit Ctrl + Esc + Shift buttons at the same time for opening the Task Manager.
  • Click the More details (from the bottom-left of your window) for expanding the Task Manager.
  • Now, look for any programs related to Steam. For instance: Bootstrapper and Steam.exe, etc. Make sure that such Steam projects are located under your Background processes.
  • Select all of them > click on End task (from the lower right part).

end process

  • Click on Yes for confirming everything.

Relaunch the computer client and check if the issue still appears on startup. However, if you still experience this error on the computer, make certain to opt out of all the beta projects. On the other hand, you can also attempt to run your Steam.exe client as admin as it has functioned for a lot of users to fix the problem. We recommend you to try out the following simple steps as well:

  • Go to the executable file of your Steam > simply right-click on it for opening its properties from the pop-up menu
  • Now, in the opened window, navigate to Compatibility > tick Run this program as admin checkbox before making and applying any changes.
  • Then, confirm all the boxes which ask you to allow the administrator privileges. The Steam client ought to now open with the administrator permissions.
  • Next, double click on your Steam for opening it and run the Steam game. Mostly, this resolves this error message.

Solution#3: Disable The Auto-Containment On Your Comodo Net Security

It’s quite potential that the Comodo antivirus software on the computer may block a few of the unwanted programs comprising certain games with the feature of Auto-Containment. You can either delete the executable file of your game from the list of blocked applications. Here is how you can do so:

  • Open the Comodo Internet Security.
  • Then, navigate to Settings > go to Containment. Next, simply click on the sub-section of the Auto-Containment.
  • Once you have clicked on the Auto-Containment section, you will see Enable Auto-Containment checkbox. Make certain to uncheck this checkbox to end blocking certain programs automatically.
  • You can also switch off the slider which you can easily find under the option of Enable Auto-Containment to end blocking the application.

You ought to disable such option or delete the executable file of your problematic game from the list of blocked programs for resolving the unable to initialize steam API issue.

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