Resolve Unidentified Network Error In Windows

If you find that you cannot connect to the router, and you face the unidentified network no internet access error in the network connection window, you are not alone. A lot of Windows users are experiencing this issue, as well. But no problem, it is possible to resolve.

What Are The Reasons Of The Unidentified Network Issue?

Well, riding on diverse situations, the things that reason the Ethernet unidentified network issue can differ. Nonetheless, it is mostly because of the following causes:

  • Network Settings. The settings of the network on the system can reason the problem to happen.
  • Incorrect IP (Internet Protocol) Configuration. When the system connects to your network, the address is allocated to your pc called IP (internet protocol) address. If the IP address configuration is wrong, it can reason the problem.
  • Network Card Drivers. The drivers installed on the pc for the network card can also be potentially the reason.
  • 3rd-party software. The 3rd-party apps that you’re utilizing on the computer can also usually reason the problem, antivirus mostly.

The fixes may differ riding on your systems. Therefore, to make sure a workaround, make certain you go through all the fixes mentioned below. Also, before we go on to the fixes, make certain that the Airplane mode is off.

How Can Your Resolve The Unidentified Network Problem?

There’re a lot of causes which can be reasoning the unidentified network problem. So, there’re a lot of methods to fix the subject. Follow the steps of the solutions mentioned below, until the issue is gone.

Solution#1: Hardware Problem

The first way to fix the issue is to clear out that there’s no problem with your hardware such as the router or modem. A lot of individuals make use of dongles as well. So, before starting to fix the issue from the inside, make certain there’s no issue with your hardware devices. Try to reconnect or use some other cable. Reboot or Reset the Wi-Fi modem and router. Do not overlook to check the network adapter. Make certain it is placed rightly in its port. Now, after making certain there’s no issue with your hardware devices, carry on to the next solution.

Solution#2: Run Your Network Troubleshooter

When trying to fix this unidentified network problem, we always suggest everyone to run the Network Troubleshooter first. You may just be fortunate enough that the troubleshooter will locate the issue and resolve it. Here is how you can do so:

  • Hit Win + I buttons at the same time from your keyboard for opening the Settings menu.
  • Then, simply navigate to the Network & Internet.
  • Next, click the Network troubleshooter for executing your troubleshooter.
  • Now, wait for a little for it to complete the procedure.

Solution#3: Airplane Mode

Windows 10 has a feature of Airplane Mode. A lot of people who had their PCs updated with Windows 10 Anniversary Update / Fall Creators Update / Creators Update stated that switching on the Airplane Mode and then turning it off, resolved the issue for them. Here is how you can do so.

  • The Airplane Mode can be found on your right-side pane or in the Action Center, which you can simply access from your right of the taskbar > click Notifications on the taskbar. Or just hit Win + A buttons from your keyboard.
  • Now, turn on the Airplane Mode > turn it off.

Unidentified Network

See if it resolves the problem. If not, then go on to the next solution.

Solution#4: Updating Your Network Card Drivers

At times the unidentified network problem may be with your Network drivers. Update these drivers and check if it works.

  • Hit the Win logo key + X button from the keyboard or simply right-click the Start menu button.
  • Then, click Device Manager for opening it.
  • Now, locate the Network Adapters > click on the forward arrow for expanding the list > right-click all your Network drivers > update them one at a time.

update driver

Solution#5: Set Unidentified Network as a Private or Public

You can try to set the present network to a public or private location.

  • From the keyboard, hit Win key > enter secpol.msc > click on the first result coming up.


  • From the left side, click on the Network List Manager Policies option > from the right side, double-click on the Unidentified Networks option.

network list

  • Change Location type to Private > the permissions of User to User can change place > click on Apply > OK.


Solution#6: Turn The Fast Startup Off

It’s almost hard not to see how fast Windows 10 can boot up than earlier Windows operating system versions. The cause behind it is a feature incorporated in the Win 10 known as Fast Startup. As the Win 10 is full of bugs, at times, this extremely helpful feature can reason issues. So, in this solution, we’ll check if switching it off can resolve the unidentified network issue.

  • First of all, right-click Start menu button > choose Power Options.

power options

  • Then, scroll down > choose the Additional Power Settings option.

additional power setting

  • From the left side, choose select what your Power button does.

what power button does

  • Now, click Change settings that are presently unavailable.

change settings

  • Under the Shutdown settings, un-tick switch on the fast startup > click Save changes.

turn on

  • Switch off the pc > turn it on after thirty secs.

It ought to resolve the issue. If you’re experiencing the problem, follow the next solution. Also, as Fast Startup isn’t the one reasoning the issue, you can turn it back on.

Solution#7: Switching The Windows Firewall Off Temporarily

The Win Firewall is a Microsoft’s incorporated security app that filters and manages the network transmissions. At times, the security app can be the root of the issue. Therefore, for getting rid of such a possibility, make certain to switch the Win Defender Firewall off temporarily. Here is what to do:

  • Hit the Win + I button at the same time for opening up the Settings menu.
  • Look for the Win Defender Firewall > choose Win Defender Firewall option.
  • From the left side, click switch the Win Defender Firewall on / off.
  • Tick the switch off Win Defender Firewall checkboxes under both settings.

Solution#8: Changing The DNS Servers

Faulty DNS (Domain Name System) servers can be the reason of the unidentified network problem. For resolving it:

  • Simply, right-click on your network adapter icon from the bottom corner of the desktop > click on the Open Network & Sharing Center option > choose Ethernet > click on Properties.

network sharing

ethernet properties

  • Now choose the TCP/IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) option > Properties.

internet protocol

  • Click utilize the following DNS (Domain Name System) server addresses > change the preferred and alternate DNS (Domain Name System) server addresses to > lick OK for saving changes you have made.


Solution#9: Resetting The TCP/IP

You can also attempt to resolve the unidentified network issue by resetting the TCP settings of the system. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is the media which describes how a PC sends data to some other system by working with IP (Internet Protocol). For resetting TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), do the following:

  • Open the black command prompt window.
  • Then, enter ‘netsh winsock reset’ ‘netsh int ip reset’ commands > hit enter.

netsh winsock

  • Exit from your command prompt.

Solution#10: Disabling The 3rd-Party Apps

A lot of antivirus apps now come with incorporated firewalls.  So it’s great to first attempt to disable such 3rd-party firewalls. To do so, you can disable your service by navigating to the Start menu, entering in MSCONFIG > clicking on Services. You’ll need to locate the firewall app from the list > uncheck the checkbox.

Such 3rd-party firewall apps can also slow down the connection because when you are trying to send a request to your internet that request has to get through your 3rd-party firewall, and then the Win firewall if it is switched on, then the firewall in the Actiontec Gateway. So turning any 3rd-party apps can also resolve the unidentified network issue.

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