Fix USB Device Over Current Status Detected Error Now!

If your PC shuts down suddenly after you have been playing your favorite video games for a few hours, and you can even smell something ablaze, then you encounter a notification that says USB device over current status detected, you are not alone. Numerous Asus users are reporting this issue as well. But no problem, all hope isn’t lost; you can really resolve this problem simply by yourself. Read on to know how.

Judging from this error’s name, it has to do with the USB (Universal Serial Bus) devices. To be more exact, it denotes that a few of the USB devices are facing an overloading issue. As a way to protect the pc from further harm, it shuts down. In a few cases, further harm has already occurred, that is why a few of you would smell something on fire when you see this issue.

over current status

Why’d Anyone Encounter The USB Device Over Current Status Detected Problem ?

It can be that the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is at fault, that the front USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports are mangled or the USB device(s) are at fault. The exact reasons vary in diverse situations. But no problem, we got everything covered. Just pursue the instructions below and get this issue resolved!

Troubleshooting This Issue:

Here are a few fixes that you can really try out to resolve this issue.

Fix#1: Check The Front USB (Universal Serial Bus) Ports Connected

If you can’t identify which device may be reasoning the problem, it usually denotes that there is not any issue with the USB devices. The subsequent thing you ought to check is the USB connections present inside the PC/tower. It’s possible that the USB connectors there in the tower are not correctly connected to the linking pins or the USB ports are a bit damaged. The damaged ports will certainly be responsible for the overflow and reason the system to shut down.

  • Shut down the pc completely. Also, unplug your power cable from its socket. Open the PC’s case by unscrewing the bolts and nuts.
  • Once you see your motherboard, look for the USB connectors. Such USB connectors will most almost certainly be for the front of your computer since the connections for the back of your computer are directly connected to your motherboard, and you can’t do anything with them.
  • Once you’ve found the socket and pins, unplug your connector.

detach plug

  • Now turn the pc on and check if the USB device over current status detected error still persists. If it does not, it denotes the USB socket was responsible. Either you can change it or take it to a professional for repair.

Fix#2: Diagnose The Connecting USB Devices

If you are not really sure about opening the computer and begin checking your USB modules, you ought to make certain that your USB devices which you’re connecting to your computer are working properly and there’s no issue in them. If you’re utilizing cheap mice or keyboards, it’s possible that they have a short circuit which might reason this issue to emerge in the first place.

  • Disconnect the USB devices that are connected to the PC. Once you’ve done that, plug one USB device > power the pc back on.
  • Repeat this process until you’ve plugged all your USB devices in the pc. Along the way, you’ll encounter a problematic device which will be reasoning this problem.

You can either do so yourself or take it to a professional for resolving it.

Fix#3: Update The BIOS (Only For Advanced Users)

BIOS is a short form of Basic Input/Output System as mentioned earlier, and it’s a firmware utilized for doing the hardware initialization throughout the booting process of the pc. The BIOS is preinstalled on the pc by the manufacturer, and it’s the first program that runs when the pc is booted up. It’s more like a key which initiates every other process on the pc. The BIOS is also accountable to test the hardware parts on the computer and make certain that they are functioning correctly without any issues. The majority of the BIOS is intended particularly to function with a particular motherboard or model.

Traditionally, it was written on ROM (Read Only Memory) and hardware required to be replaced when updating the Basic Input/Output System. In modern PC systems, Basic Input/Output System is stored in flash memory, so if you can rewrite it without the replacing your hardware. There was helpful feedback from users that updating the Basic Input/Output System fixed the USB device over current status detected error.

Note: Please upgrade the Basic Input/Output System at your own risk. Upgrading it ought to be kept as a final resort and ought to just be done by those who acquaint what they’re doing. A bit of research on the Basic Input/Output System version ought to make it obvious to you whether upgrading the current one will resolve the issue.

Fix#4: Check The Computer For The Missing Jumper

If all the solutions above have been to no benefit, we suggest inspecting the inside of the pc; you may be having a good case of the missing jumper. So, utilize the instructions from the previous solution and check the internal ports of USB. Put the jumper in its position if need be and reboot the pc.

missing jumper

Fix#5: Replace The Motherboard

If you’re utilizing a new motherboard in the pc for the first time, it’s possible that your motherboard is not functioning correctly and there’re a few modules damaged. We got many responses from users who said that the motherboards were fried when they reached. If you have a guarantee of your motherboard, try to return it to its service center and check what they can do. Presumably, you’ll get a complete exchange. Also, you can replace your motherboard or use a temporary one. It’ll provide you an idea whether all the modules in the pc are functioning correctly or not.

replacing motherboard

Fix#6: Update The Drivers

It goes without saying that outdated drivers are an issue that you ought to not make an allowance to they can cause havoc on the pc and ruin the user experience. The odds are, your out-of-date drivers are the cause of this USB device over current status detected issue. In a case like so, you ought to update the drivers without any further delay. Certainly, you can do so manually, but this fix is ridiculously long and isn’t worth the effort.

However, if you still want to resort to it, make certain you have downloaded and installed the correct driver versions for the hardware: the point is, the PC might fail to start up thanks to incompatible or wrong drivers. As such, there’s no chance to make a mistake. And yet there’s another method to get the drivers updated: you can utilize the incorporated Device Manager for such purpose.

If you’ve tried all the fixes mentioned above but still no benefit, you ought to contact the computer technical support and check if you require a new motherboard or if the issue is with the faulty BIOS. You may have to disburse them for that if the pc is not within terms of service not anymore.

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