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Wacom Tablet Driver Not Found (Fixed)

You sit down in front of the computer and prepare to start working. You try to see the options of the Wacom tablet. Oh, snap, it seems driver is not functioning now. You see a message saying: the Wacom tablet driver not found. So confusing. You utilize it successfully without any driver issue before. But there is no need to dread. You will be pleased to know it is possible and simple to resolve this tablet driver issue.Find More On Techsolitic

How Can You Resolve The Wacom Tablet Driver Error ?

The Wacom driver tablet error has been reasoning trouble in the Wacom Intuos Pro tablet utilizing Windows 10. When you try to connect your tablet wirelessly to a display, the driver Wacom tablet error occurs. Here is how you can resolve this driver error. Simply try the following solutions one by one, and the tablet Wacom device driver issue will be gone.Know why Windows Update Service Not Running

Solution#1: Change The Cable And/or Port

Before starting to fix your device drivers, try this solution. It is the fastest driver fix. At times the port does not support your device, or it could be faulty. So, you can fix the plugging your Wacom tablet in port. Also, the purpose behind the tablet driver error could be the wire. You can try with another cable to check if it fixes the tablet Wacom drivers issue. If the tablet Wacom driver issue is still not resolved, then try the next solution to solve this driver error.Facing Bad Pool Header Error

Solution#2: Restart The Wacom Tablet Service

If the tablet Wacom service does not function fine, you might face this tablet driver error. Follow these steps to restart your tablet Wacom service.

  • First of all, press the Windows + R key simultaneously to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Enter services.msc > press Enter or click OK.

Services MSC

  • Locate and right-click on the tablet service. Note that this service name differs from diverse tablet products. It could be:
    • Wacom Consumer Service
    • Wacom Profession Service
    • TabletServiceWacom
    • Handwriting Panel and Touch Keyboard Service

wacom tablet Service Restart

Click Restart. If you can’t locate Restart option > click Start.

  • Now open the options of the tablet and check if it works. If it does work, so great! If it does not, then do not give up hope. Move onto the next solution to fix this driver error.

Solution#3: Reinstall The Drivers

It might also be the reason of Wacom tablet driver not found error, that the drivers are out-of-date or aren’t compatible with the variant of Windows 10 and requires to be handled. Follow these easy steps to reinstall the drivers.

  • Unplug the Device from the laptop/system.
  • First, you have to update/uninstall the already installed drivers for the Tablet. For this open Device Manager. (Press Windows Key + X > select Device Manager)
  • Locate Human Interface Devices option and under the option select your device and right click on it.

  • Now you will have two options accessible, either you click on Driver Update option. Then select automatically look for the newest version of drivers available from the dialog box.
  • Windows will automatically look for the available updated version of drivers. Update your drivers according to the compatibility with the device. Or you can choose Device Uninstalling option and once after deleting the device, again install the Device to fix this driver issue. Install the newest updated version of driver accessible according to the device and system.
  • After updating the driver for the device, reboot the system once to make all the changes in action. Then check to see if this driver error is gone.

Solution#4: Roll Back The Driver

Apart from such fixes, here is another solution that you can consider to solve your device driver issue. It would more often than not work, so it pays to check it out:

  • Navigate to the Control Panel > click Device Manager.
  • In the Device Manager, search for your device.
  • Search for the Human Interface Devices > right click on your device.
  • Then, click Properties.
  • Navigate to the Driver tab > click the Roll Back the Driver option.
  • Now check to see if the device works after rolling back your driver.

After following any of the solutions mentioned above, plug in the Device and check its performance using any application. The device will now be working fine after trying out these driver solutions, and the Wacom tablet driver not found error will vanish now. You can carry on working efficiently with the Device once again after solving this driver error.

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