Fixed : Wi-Fi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration

The Wi-Fi does not have a valid internet protocol address configuration issue can take place at any time without any warning. A few of the users see this message when they are troubleshooting the network while a few users experience this problem as soon as they sign into their computer systems.

The Wi-Fi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration error frequently hit the users of Windows 10 particularly if they have installed the updates recently. You ought to check other cell phones or systems for internet connectivity. If the system is the only device with issues and other devices are simply connecting with the Wi-Fi, then continue. Otherwise, your problem may be with the inter-service provider or your router.Find some Easy Solutions To Fix The Steam Download Stopping Issue

What Are The Causes Of The Wi-Fi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration Issue ?

Unluckily, there is not only one simple solution to this problem. There’re a lot of different causes the Troubleshooter might be telling you it is wrong comprising the following:

  • You require resetting your TCP/IP
  • You need a new IP address for the system
  • A 3rd-party application is interfering with the connection
  • You require updating the drivers or uninstall a driver that can be interfering
  • Wrong network settings
  • The antivirus program is stopping you from connecting to the Internet

Since there’re a lot of causes you can see this error message, we’ll take you through fixes for helping you cope with every underlying reason.

How Can You Resolve This Error ?

This specific error can be reasoned by a multitude of initial issues, and we are gonna tell you how you can cope with all of them. Try the methods provided below, and one of them ought to work for you.

Solution#1: Release & Renew The Internet Protocol Address

It’s a quick method that assists if you are having the network issues reasoning the problem.

  • Press the Start button > type Command Prompt in the search box > right-click on the Command Prompt > select Run as admin. You’ll have to click Allow for continuing to the window of Command Prompt.
  • In the black opened window, type ‘ipconfig /release’ without quotations > press Enter.

wifi doesn't have a valid ip configuration

  • Then, type in ‘ipconfig /renew’ without quotations > press Enter.

ip config renew

  • Now enter ‘exit’ without quotation > to execute this last command press Enter key.

That is all. Check if you can now connect to the Internet. If you’re still facing the Wi-Fi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration problem, go on to the next solution.

Solution#2: Reset The TCP/IP Stack

Resetting your TCP/IP stack is also recognized to fix this issue for a lot of users, and it’s been recommended by the MS Officials as well. There’re a total of three commands that you’ll have to execute in the Command Prompt. The initial command will help you reset the entries of Winsock while the others will rewrite the registry keys that are utilized by your TCP/IP.

  • First of all, press the Windows logo button to open the Start menu.
  • Enter command prompt in the Search box.
  • Then, right click on the Command Prompt > click on Run as admin.
  • Type in netsh Winsock reset > hit Enter for executing the command.

  • Type in netsh int ip reset > hit Enter to execute the command.

Once that’s done, restart the system and see whether you are getting the same issue or not.

Solution#3: Uninstall The Wireless Adapter Driver

If you have a network driver that’s not working, it can reason the Wi-Fi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration problem. This method will help you in uninstalling your defective driver and Windows ought to then install a new driver version automatically.

  • First, press the Wind + X button from the keyboard at the same time > click on the Device Manager.
  • Then, click on the Network Adapters for expanding it > right-click on the network adapter > click on Uninstall Device option.

Uninstall Device driver

  • You’ll be notified that you’re about to uninstall your device > click on the Uninstall button again for confirming that you desire to do so.
  • Now, restart the system for applying all the changes. Windows ought to detect the missing drivers and replace it with a new one automatically.

Now, see if you can connect your device to your Internet. If you cannot, then go on to the next fix.

Solution#4: Manually Set The Internet Protocol Address

When you connect to the internet using a Wi-Fi connection, you are frequently given an internet protocol address, and this process is done by the DHCP. The valid internet protocol configuration problem denotes that something is wrong, and the DHCP fails to obtain a valid internet protocol address. You can append a valid internet protocol address manually for resolving this issue.

  • First of all, right-click on the Start > choose Network Connections.

network connections

  • In the opened window, click on the Change adapter options for viewing the network adapters and settings of change connection.

  • You’ll see the type of your network connection. You ought to also see the wireless connection here (in our case, we perceive the Ethernet connection because we’re utilizing a cable connection) > right-click on the wireless connection > from the drop-down menu, click on Properties.

  • Click on the TCP/IPv4 or Internet Protocol Version 4 for highlighting it > click on Properties.

  • You’ll see the TCP/IPv4 or Internet Protocol Version 4 Properties window. Here, mark the Use the following DNS server addresses: and Use the following IP address: options > enter the subnet mask, internet protocol address, and default gateway, Alternate DNS server, and the preferred DNS server.

Prefered DNS

  • Now, click OK > restart the system to check if this solution assisted you in resolving the issue.

Solution#5: Update The Drivers

Although the method mentioned above ought to ensure the drivers of the network adapter aren’t just functional but updated, at times, other out-of-date drivers might be interfering with the network connection. Utilize this way for updating those.

  • Re-access your device manager, by simply pressing the Win + X button simultaneously for invoking the Quick Link menu > select Device Manager.
  • One by one open all the listed devices for expanding it. Now, right-click the name of every device > click on Properties.
  • Now, in the driver tab, select the Update Driver option. Alternately, you can click on make a note of the driver version you have and check the maker’s site for the updated version. If you don’t have the updated version, you can manually download and install it from this window.
  • After clicking on the Update Driver, you’ll see an option to have the PC automatically look for the driver software. Select this option.
  • The PC ought to carry out an automatic search. If the driver is the latest one, you’ll see a message saying you already have the latest driver installed for your device. Otherwise, the PC ought to automatically update your driver > close the pop-up menu once the search (and update if required) is completed. Go back to your device manager window (and Step no two) and follow the directions for the next device until you’ve checked all the devices for the driver updates that are listed there.
  • Now, restart the PC.

Again, see the connection. Keep on reading if you still have not fixed the Wi-Fi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration error.

Solution#6: Doing A Clean Boot

It’s possible that a few 3rd-party apps or services are interfering with the wireless connection, reasoning the internet protocol configuration issue to occur. As such, we suggest doing a clean boot. Doing this will permit you to start the system with just the basic services and apps. Here’re the steps for doing so:

  • First of all, launch Run by pressing Win + R button from the keyboard simultaneously.
  • Then, type msconfig > click OK.
  • Now in the opened window, click on Selective Startup > deselect the Load Startup Items.
  • Click on Services tab > choose the Hide all MS services.
  • Then, click on the Disable All button.
  • Now, click on the Startup tab > Open Task Manager link.
  • Once your Task Manager is open, you’ll see the apps list running on startup. Now, right-click on the items one by one, choosing Disable option from the context menu.
  • After disabling your startup apps, you have to exit the Task Manager.
  • Return to our Windows Configuration window > click on Apply > OK.
  • And finally, restart the computer.

After you restart the PC, you have to see if the Wi-Fi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration problem is gone. If it is, then try to enable the startup services and apps one at a time until you isolate what is reasoning the problem. Once you have recognized the culprit, you can either remove or update it.Learn to Resolve The Unknown USB Device Error

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