Here’s How You Can Fix The Wifi Keeps Disconnecting Issue!

PC manufacturers make different PCs and laptops. A few of the well-liked laptops are the HP Ultrabook series and the Inspiron 15R series that have been created for the durability and best performance. However, there’s a common issue with such laptops where the wifi keeps disconnecting or Wi-Fi doesn’t seem to work with the expected dependency and reliability. A lot of users have complained about the laptop ending the Wi-Fi connection on numerous but irregular times. After some hours with the Wi-Fi working normally, a yellow exclamation emerges on the Wi-Fi connection in its system tray, and a connection breakdown follows.

The network connection is lost, and when you try reconnecting to your wireless network, you locate that it’s no longer visible. It leaves a lot of users baffled; forcing them to reboot their laptop or reset the Wi-Fi card (turning it off and then on again) for being capable of locating a wireless connection. It just resolves the issue temporarily, because for sure the issue occurs again after some time. This post will explain how you can resolve this issue.Solve The Requested Operation Requires Elevation Error !

Ways To Resolve The Wifi Keeps Disconnecting Problem:

The following are a few solutions that can help you resolve this problem. But before performing these solutions, make certain to make a restore point just in case anything goes wrong.

Solution#1: Network Troubleshooter

The automated windows troubleshooter is a tool that can locate and resolve a few issues automatically with the PC. These troubleshooters are not designed for resolving each issue, but they are a helpful tool for trying because they can frequently save you effort and time.

  • First of all, hit the Win + C key from the keyboard for showing the Charms bar.
  • Then, enter Troubleshooting > under Settings, click on Troubleshooting.
  • Now, in the search option, enter Network Troubleshooter.
  • Click the Network troubleshooter for running it.

network trouble shooter

Solution#2: Download & Install The Updated Drivers

Utilizing your device manager for updating the drivers may, in this case, might show that the drivers are updated. That’s because the Win takes the freedom to propose what’s best for you. For manually updating the drivers:

  • Visit the official website of the manufacturer. For Dell, go to their official site and download the latest drivers. HP users can go to the HP official page and download drivers. Go down to the drivers part and download the latest drivers that suit the device and OS. Download your drivers > double-click on the downloaded file for installing them.

Wifi Keeps Disconnecting

  • If you do not acquaint which drivers you require, you can navigate to a download center and then have the online service detect the computer automatically > click get started > install the detected software and allow your system to locate the drivers. You can then install them. Dell, HP, and Lenovo also provide automatic system detection on the pages of driver download.

Solution#3: Do Not Allow Windows To Switch Off The Wireless Device

By not navigating to the sleep mode, the wireless device will keep on working throughout. Make certain that the PC isn’t overheating at all since it can direct to the same symptoms.Solve Start PXE Over IPv4 Error

  • Hit Win + R button for opening up the Run box.
  • Enter devmgmt.msc > press for opening your device manager.


  • Navigate to Network Adapters > expand it.
  • Then, right-click the wireless device > choose properties. Note that if the device has a yellow triangle having an exclamation mark, then the drivers are surely the problem.
  • Now, in properties, click Power Management.
  • Uncheck allow the PC to switch off this device for saving power > hit OK and see if the issue persists.

saving power

Solution#4: Reconfiguring The Wireless Adapter

By changing the frequency range channel detection to auto, you’ll be capable of escaping the hurdle reasoned by the non-conventional frequency ranges utilized for the Wi-Fi connection in diverse countries.

  • First of all, hit the Win + R key for opening the Run dialog box.
  • Then, enter ncpa.cpl > press enter for opening your network adapters window.


  • Now, right-click on your Wi-Fi adapter > choose properties.
  • Next, click configure
  • Navigate to the advanced tab > search for the property: the 20/40 coexistence and 802.11n Value. Change both of the values to Auto.

Make certain that the router is getting adequate power and 12/5V jack and the plug is connected correctly. Also, hold it off from the meddling from the electrical machines such as your microwaves and coffee makers which can interfere with your Wi-Fi waves.

Solution#5: Removing The Security Software

If you encounter, the wifi keeps disconnecting issue frequently that it can be because of the security software. A lot of 3rd-party antivirus programs will interfere with the Win and reason a variety of issues to emerge. For resolving this issue, it is also advised to disable the antivirus program and see if that fixes the problem.

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