Fix The SSL Error ‘Your Connection Is Not Private’ In Google Chrome?

Resolving the SSL error ‘ your connection is not private ’ in Google Chrome can be a bit tricky as the reason can be one of the numerous things. We are gonna take you through the frequent fixes so you can get back to the browsing ASAP.

What Is The SSL Your Connection Is Not Private Problem ?

The ‘ your connection is not private ’ issue just pertains to the websites that are running or should be over HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). When you visit a site, the browser sends a request to a server where that particular website is hosted. Your browser then needs to authenticate the certificate installed on the website to make sure it’s up to up to date privacy standards. Other things that also happen comprise the document being verified against the certificate authority, the TLS (Transport Layer Security) handshake, and the decryption of certificate.

If your browser discovers that the certificate is not valid, it’ll automatically try to stop you from reaching that website. This feature is incorporated into the web browsers for protecting the user. If the certificate is not set up properly, it denotes data cannot be encrypted correctly and therefore; the website is dangerous to visit (particularly the ones with logins or that payment process information). In place of loading the website, it’ll give your connection is not private error.Learn to open Windows 10 Safe Mode System

Why SSL Errors Appearing In Your Chrome Browser?

There’re a lot of reasons that can direct you to this SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) problem, like expired SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates, unidentified SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates, or the connection between the server and your PC is not secured. But here’re a few main causes why SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) warnings emerge:

  • The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is expired, set up improperly, or doesn’t belong to the domain requested (NET::ER_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID).
  • The SSL connection between the server and your PC is not secured.
  • The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is not issued by a trustworthy association. You know, it is extremely simple to provide an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate and install on the site, no need to buy from some other place. However, such SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is not made by a trusted organization or company. The majority of the net browsers just know the trustworthy SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. So if you make the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate and set up in the site by yourself, such browsers will give a warning because they cannot be certain the connection is private and secure. Do not have much cash to splurge for buying an SSL certificate? You can find many places online that provide free SSL certificate, or you can also buy one very easily.

The Variations Of Your Connection Is Not Private Issue :

There’re a quite a few diverse variations of your connection is not private error riding upon which browser you are utilizing, OS, and even the certificate configuration on your servers. And while a few of such errors at times denote slightly diverse things, many times the troubleshooting steps are very similar.Fix Razer Synapse Not Working

Google Chrome:

In Google Chrome, if there’s a problem in validating your certificate, this issue will appear. It is also accompanied by a code message which assists in trying and pinpointing the exact problem. Below are only a couple of the most frequent error codes you may see in the Google Chrome:

  • NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID (this happens when the certificate doesn’t match your domain)
  • SSL certificate error

Mozilla Firefox:

In the Mozilla Firefox the issue differs a little, and in place of ‘ your connection is not private ’ you will face ‘the connection isn’t secure.’

Just like in the Google Chrome, it is accompanied by a code message which assists in trying and pinpointing the issue. Below are only a couple of the most frequent codes you may face in your Mozilla Firefox:


Microsoft Edge:

In the Microsoft Edge, you’ll also face the error as “the connection isn’t secure” just like the Mozilla Firefox. These are also accompanied by a code message. Below are only a few of the most frequent error codes:

  • Error Code: 0

Ways To Resolve Your Connection Is Not Private Problem?

Check and resolve your connection is not private issue because of which the Internet connection or the PC is stopping your Google Chrome from loading a page securely and privately. Here is how:

Solution#1: Check Date And Time On The PC

The primary solution is to check the time and date on the PC. If it’s wrong for any cause, then the Google Chrome will not be capable of verifying the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, as the time and date between the server and the PC will be diverse. Make certain the date and time on the PC is right, and then try to access the site again. Hopefully, the problem has been gone.

Solution#2: Clear The Chrome Browsing Data

If you’ve too much browsing data saved, the problem such as ‘your connection is not private’ will appear once in a while. To resolve it:

  • In the Chrome browser, first, click on the menu icon from the right corner > choose Settings.

chrome setting

  • Now, scroll down a bit to locate and click on the Show advanced settings option.

advanced setting

  • Navigate to Privacy > click on Clear browsing data button.

clear browsing

  • Choose the browsing data that you desire to remove > click on Clear browsing data option.

clear data

  • Now restart the browser, and check if the issue persists.

Solution#3: Check Your Antivirus Program

If the time and date of your PC are correct, but still you’re experiencing this privacy error, then you really have to check your antivirus program installed on the system. At times antivirus software blocks the security certificate of the site, and in result, you experience this privacy error on your web browsers. Here is what you can do to resolve this issue:

  • If you have Avast Free Antivirus installed on the system for protecting it, then you’ll need to turn off the HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) scanning in Avast. To do this, navigate to the Settings > click on Active Protection > go to Web Shield > click Customize > uncheck the checkbox labeled Enable HTTPS scanning.
  • If you’re utilizing the Bitdefender antivirus program for getting the best instantaneous security for the computer, then you have to turn the SSL scan off. To do so, first of all, open the main Bitdefender interface > navigate to Settings (which can be found at the upper right corner). Now, click Privacy Control > Antiphishing tab and then simply turn the SSL Scan OFF.

Solution#4: Open In The Incognito Mode

  • From the keyboard, simply press Ctrl + N + Shift keys for invoking the incognito window. Now try entering the site that you’re to visit. If the page opens very well, then there can be an extension that is reasoning your connection is not private error.

ctrl n shift

  • From the top right corner of the web browser, simply click on the menu icon > choose Settings.

chrome setting

  • From the left side of an opened window, click on Extensions. You’ll see different extensions there.


  • Check if there’re any extensions that are slowing down the SSL connection. When you locate it, uncheck the checkbox beside Enable for disabling that particular extension.

Solution#5: Proceed To The Site With The Insecure Connection

In case you cannot resolve your connection is not private problem because it is a site issue, you can decide to proceed to that particular site address but unsafe, on your own risk. To do that, simply click on the Advanced link.

  • Click Advanced for showing the Proceed to the site link.
  • Click on ‘Proceed to site address (unsafe).
  • Bypass this privacy error in Chrome with two simple steps.

However, just utilize this way if you are certain that the site you are trying to visit is secure.

This technique is only for temporary, and nothing you can be done to make this issue go, except ignore or bypass it and wait for the webmaster or owner to fix. Until then, do not give any personal or important info when the site asked because it is not secure.

Solution#6: Overlook The SSL Certificate Issue From The Chrome Shortcut

This technique is only a way for overlooking and bypassing the SSL connection error, as we stated earlier. It cannot utilize to permanently resolve your connection is not private problem. However, it can make all the warnings related to SSL issues in the Chrome browser go for good until you decide to show them again.

  • From the desktop, right-click on the Chrome shortcut > choose Properties.

chrome properties

  • Append all the required parameters > click the OK button. After doing so, the issue will be overlooked all the time, and there’d be no issue in the future.

You ought to acquaint that if this issue comes with the code: NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID, then in the majority of cases, it is a server-side fault. All you can accomplish in this state is just bypass the error by simply clicking on Proceed link or utilize the ignore certificate issues tag in the Chrome shortcut.

Solution#7: Update Your Google Chrome

What do you do when your computer crashes? We start it again, right? Likewise, in the browsers, we suggest to update them on a pretty normal basis. If you do not, you are missing out on many important things. They always come with different security patches, and you can be putting the computer at risk by not updating it. So, it is always good to stay updated.

  • Update Google Chrome In Computer: Got to Chrome menu > click on Help > About Chrome
  • Update Google Chrome In A Mobile Device: Go to Chrome menu > click on Help > Update Chrome

Solution#8: Utilize A VPN For Protect Your Privacy

When you are surfing the web, it is suggested that you utilize a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for protecting the private data. A Virtual Private Network can really hide the IP address so others like the Internet Service Provider (ISP) won’t track the surfing route. It’ll protect the data from revealing to others. It is suggested to utilize a Virtual Private Network with good standing. If you are not certain what product you can rely on, you can utilize NordVPN, so you do not have to splurge much time on further looking.

  • Download the VPN to the PC.
  • Simply run the installed VPN.
  • Now, connect it to the server by selecting a country you desire to connect to.

The browser errors are never good and can, at times, be hard to get rid of. Hopefully, one of the fixes mentioned above will assist you in fixing your connection is not private issue as fast as possible. Keep in mind; these are typically reasoned by something misconfigured on the PC or with the site certificate itself.

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